Nathan Sykes

Nathan Sykes is the editor of Finding an Outlet where he writes about the latest in technology and business. When he's not covering topics such as big data, AI, and cybersecurity, he can be found exploring the city of Pittsburgh.
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Big Data Challenges Of Industry 4.0 Worth Considering

The goal of Industry 4.0 is deceptively simple: maximize efficiency and profits,…

Nathan Sykes Nathan Sykes 7 Min Read

Here’s Why Data Conferences Are Important: What You Need To Know

The fact is phrases like "analyst" and "computer engineer" mean different things…

Nathan Sykes Nathan Sykes 7 Min Read

Data Center Security: Not Just About Cyber

  We need to talk about the importance of physical security at…

Nathan Sykes Nathan Sykes 8 Min Read

Retail Data And Shopping In The Digital Age

Technology has changed the way businesses operate. Because the customer has a…

Nathan Sykes Nathan Sykes 6 Min Read

How Big Data And Architecture Are Teaming Up For Success

Most people know about how big data and virtual reality (VR) have…

Nathan Sykes Nathan Sykes 7 Min Read

How Real-Time and Location Data Are Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

Modern location data and location-based tools can be used for a variety…

Nathan Sykes Nathan Sykes 7 Min Read