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James is a freelance writer, blogger and an all-round computer geek. He loves to write on tech and data management.
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Software Bill of Materials is Crucial for AI-Driven Cybersecurity

AI technology has had a tremendous impact on the cybersecurity profession. More…

James Wilson James Wilson 9 Min Read

5 Sneaky Ways Hackers Try to Steal Information

Every year, businesses lose billions of dollars to cyberattacks. Educating employees on…

James Wilson James Wilson 6 Min Read

What Are the Limits of Forensic Data Retention?

  We have previously written about the role of big data in…

James Wilson James Wilson 5 Min Read

New Data Solutions Help Parents Fight Online Predators

Big data is playing a big role in shielding vulnerable children from…

James Wilson James Wilson 5 Min Read

The Latest in Big Data Solution Trends

Big data, computer technology that collects large amounts of data in small…

James Wilson James Wilson 3 Min Read

How to Make Site Search a Conversion Tool

Shoppers have little patience for browsing when they’re looking for something specific.…

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