Data Management

How You’re Going to Pass Your Data Cap in 2016

briggpatten - March 4, 2016

Broadband Internet service has improved considerably since the first cable modems were introduced back in the mid 1990s. With optical fiber installations being rolled out across the…


Robot Shoe Factory a New Trend of the Future?

briggpatten - February 8, 2016

Factories filled with computerized robots may still sound futuristic, but major companies are starting to incorporate them into their production processes. Below introduces how robots and related…


Unintended Effects of Adblockers

briggpatten - January 18, 2016

Nothing of quality in life is free. Most would agree with this statement. When it comes to the Internet, we have a wealth of knowledge available at…


What IBM’s Recent $3M Investment in IoT Means for You and Me

briggpatten - December 4, 2015

Recently, IBM—the technology powerhouse—announced to the public that it will be making a brand new "Internet of Things" product. They plan to pour over $3 billion into…

Predictive Analytics

How Predictive Analytics Will Affect Big Data’s Future

briggpatten - November 9, 2015

Predictive analytics is one of the biggest trends in business today. There are many companies investing time and money into this area of their business. However, there…

Big Data

The Differences Between How the Government and the Private Sector Use Big Data

briggpatten - October 7, 2015

Government use of data came under scrutiny after revelations of extensive information gathering by the NSA. Now that the NSA stories have faded from much of the…

Big Data
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The Difference Between Business Intelligence and Real Data Science

briggpatten - September 8, 2015

Cloud computing and other technological advances have made organizations focus more on the future rather than analyze the reports of past data. To gain a competitive business…

Big Data

Big Learner Data and Corporate Training

briggpatten - August 6, 2015

Data is expected to continue at the heart of corporate decisions, considering that certain companies are investing heavily in analytics tools, analytics staff and expertise in the…

Big Data

How Big Data is Shaping the Future of the Learning and Development Industry

briggpatten - July 22, 2015

These days, nearly all of our daily actions both at work and in our personal lives are done using some form of technology and internet: online shopping,…