Artificial Intelligence Is Influencing Everyday Lives for the Better

AI is changing almost every facet of our lives in extraordinary ways, so you should understand its influence.

AI is changing our lives in many ways
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Artificial intelligence is having a larger impact on our lives than you may think. Although only 38% of businesses use AI in some form, 90% of the most successful companies utilize some form of AI.

You may be wondering how significant AI really is. To some, AI may seem like any other over-hyped buzzword that has never truly manifested in the day-to-day human life. However, for those who have been following the AI conversation much more closely, it’s crystal-clear that this phenomenon is here to stay. It is very much the future of technology.

If you are one among the skeptics, keep reading to learn more about what artificial intelligence is and how it can impact your everyday life and business.

1. AI Makes Your Ride Shorter and Much More Convenient

Have you ever wondered how ride-sharing apps such as Lyft and Uber give near-perfect destination suggestions? How do they actually match you with other passengers to eliminate detours? You guessed right—it’s all courtesy of artificial intelligence. More specifically, Machine Learning.


In an interview with Hyperight, the tech leader at Uber, Ritesh Agrawal, explained how ML helps improve the overall riding experience. For example, the smart reply system One-Click chat allows drivers and riders to communicate on the go with robust in-app messaging. How so? Well, it uses NLP and ML to accurately anticipate responses to regular riders’ questions.

Details about frequently traveled destinations and ride history are also leveraged to yield personalized destination suggestions.

2. AI Checks for Plagiarism with Unmatched Precision

Plagiarism checkers have been around for quite a while, but it’s only recently that they’ve become extremely effective and dependable. Tools like Turnitin are used by instructors and students alike to accurately detect plagiarism in essay writings. Guess the technology behind such tools? Artificial intelligence, of course! AI-driven plagiarism detectors are useful for people vetting websites before buying them.

While most plagiarism tools won’t reveal exactly how they detect plagiarism, research has it that ML can indeed be used to develop a plagiarism detector. For instance, ML can be leveraged to scour and compare sources that are not even on the internet, such as sources in old databases or those in foreign languages.


3. AI Enables Swift and Accurate Google Search Results

When was the last time you searched on Google for a product you need or perhaps an answer to a question? Maybe 15 minutes ago — or less?

Here’s something you might not know: search engines can’t scan the entire internet without the help of AI spiders. It’s that simple. From delivering more relevant search results to enabling concise ranking of content and materials, AI really lends itself to Google Search.

Remember those annoying ads that you never seem to shake off? Yep, even those are powered by AI, and are customized to your unique buying needs based on your search history.

4. AI Simplifies Elderly Caregiving

For many old folks, everyday tasks can be a struggle. Many have to call upon family members or hire outside help to get simple chores done. Thankfully, advances in AI technology mean that elderly people who don’t want to leave their homes can finally have some much-needed reprieve.


Say hello to in-home, elder care robots.

Unlike humans, AI-enabled in-home care robots never tire or get frustrated and are reliable and consistent 24/7. And with the percentage of older people (65 or older) expected to rise by a whopping 26% by 2050, according to government data, there’s never been a better time to adopt elder care robots than now.

In 2019, TIME published an article about an Irish senior care robot called Stevie that could seamlessly engage with users both socially and physically. It’s 2022! You bet there are more robots like Stevie in existence.


AI Impacts Everyday Life

These real-life processes and examples are just an example of what AI can do. It’s up to you to embrace this wonderful technology and see how your life can become easier and your business more profitable with its use.


Dariia Herasymova is a Recruitment Team Lead at Devox Software. She hires software development teams for startups, small businesses, and enterprises. She carries out a full cycle of recruitment; creates job descriptions based on talks with clients, searches and interviews candidates, and onboards the newcomers. Dariia knows how to build HR and recruitment processes from scratch. She strives to find a person with appropriate technical and soft skills who will share the company's values. When she has free time, she writes articles on various outsourcing models for our blog.