AI Is Empowering Everyone to Become Their Own Branding Expert

artificial intelligence AI disrupting marketing and branding
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The branding industry is responsible for providing graphics, color schemes, and curating a brand voice that connects with customers in a consistent, pleasing (and most importantly, profitable) way. 

Artificial Intelligence is one of the new-age technologies creating a lot of hype around the branding industry. As envisioned by computer researcher Turing, we are slowly moving towards an era where machines are more intelligent than human beings. Apart from logo design, AI is making technological breakthroughs in the branding industry through innovative products in digital marketing and video advertising. There are more ways to communicate with customers than ever before. 

Modern Branding is Closely Tied to Real-Time Customer Insights 

IBM Watson, an Artificial Intelligence platform, is changing how digital marketing is targeted through an automated gathering of customer insights. These insights help companies deliver personalized experiences to their users.  

Customer relationship are bolstered by great branding. By using predictive analysis powered by advanced machine learning algorithms, companies will be able to deliver better products that are of interest to their potential customers.  

Top e-commerce giants like eBay and Amazon are already using AI algorithms to intimately understand consumer preferences and behavior; helping them to offer personalized experiences and enhance customer satisfaction. 

The Role of Humans in Branding is Evolving Alongside AI Thanks to Tailor Brands  

Professional designers are wondering whether they will lose their job because of AI-based branding platforms. While bigger corporations can afford to hire in-house designers for their branding related tasks, smaller organizations and start-ups are naturally forced to consider alternatives due to budget constraints. 

One of these alternatives, Tailor Brands, is a revolutionary branding platform that can design your logos and other branding elements; including business cards, social media pages, presentation collateral and more by harnessing proprietary machine learning algorithms.  

Start-ups and small business owners can get their logos and marketing materials designed instantly using AI-based design platforms at significantly more cost-effective rates. Tailor Brands’ logo design tools can even help users that lack any formal design experience. Total novices can leverage AI design platforms to dream up and create amazing logos. 

The guided, step-by-step process uses easy drag-and-drop inputs from the user to fine-tune custom templates. These platforms allows users to choose their favourite fonts, style and color and to customize their logos according to their business requirements. 

AI Is a Cornerstone of Our Favorite Market Disruptors, Like Netflix  

AI is everywhere, and it’s been a long time coming. Streaming giant Netflix uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to encode and compress their videos to improve their video quality on smartphones. Online advertising platforms are using AI algorithms to analyze user activity and display ads which are relevant and interesting to them. There are several AI-based products which have automated the web designing process and made it easier for brands to create stunning websites at more affordable rates.  

In fact, you may be surprised to learn that the majority of online customer service and technical support reps are just computers. Instead of a keyboard and mouse, they’re powered by server stacks that house advanced algorithms. 

For fun, Facebook let these algorithms loose. Without guidance, they formed their own language and began to advance beyond what the programmers could realistically monitor and control. So, they literally pulled the plug. 

But don’t worry, the rise of the Terminator isn’t around the corner. As long as we provide specific instruction, and give the algorithms the opportunity to evolve in a controlled space, they can do amazing good for the human race. 

New AI Rolls Out Everday with the Goal of Doing More Good with Less Time, Money and Energy 

Machine learning, deep learning and other AI technologies have the potential to further disrupt the branding industry by helping to automate various tasks, including logo design, web design, online advertising, SEO and even social media marketing.   

Remember Watson? A digital agency named AKQA is using an internal IBM’s latest tech to browse through online platforms and discover potential customers. Watson can identify which topics correlate with specific products. This will kill the hated telemarketing industry by helping brands find new audiences. Similarly, several digital marketing companies are using AI-powered platforms to design creative ads based on the behaviour analysis of their target customers. 

From discovery to engagement, AI is coming to a customer experience near you.  

The reason I focused in the branding industry with this piece is that it boasts an annual revenue of more than $10 billion and is getting bigger everyday. But, for some reason, it seems to be overshadowed by marketing tech and business tech buzz. It’s exciting to see an industry traditionally powered by human creativity begin to shift towards a more automated, and increasingly exciting partnership between man and machine. 

With AI coming into action, companies can get more branding done for less money and increase their ROI. Dependency on human designers for logo and graphic design is being gradually reduced as sophisticated AI-based products become more accessible in the graphic design, web design and digital marketing space. 

Annie is a passionate writer and serial entrepreneur. She embraces ecommerce opportunities that go beyond profit, giving back to non-profits with a portion of the revenue she generates. She is significantly more productive when she has a cause that reaches beyond her pocketbook.