7 Tremendous Changes Artificial Intelligence Brings to the Education Sector

Artificial intelligence has brought many fascinating changes to the field of education and will continue to disrupt this sector for years to come.

AI in education
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Artificial intelligence is shaping our world in unbelievable ways. As previously stated, it has both benefits and drawbacks.

What do you think would happen if robots took over the world? Would you never have to go to school again? Or would you never have to take the bus again? Oh, wait! Will the bus now be driven by a robot?

You need to think about the different ways AI is changing our world. In particular, it is disrupting the education sector at its core.

Education Will Never Be the Same Due to AI Advances

A couple of years ago, we talked about the benefits and concerns of AI in the field of education. We wanted to take a deeper look at these changes, but that requires us to analyze the general foundation of AI in the first place.

First of all, a robot with a human appearance is called an Android. We aren’t sure what will happen if you call them robots to their faces, but if artificial intelligence will take over the world anytime soon, you should learn the appropriate terms.

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Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get back to our previous question. What is going to happen with the introduction of artificial intelligence? Technology has definitely grown over the years. With every second that passes, we are getting closer to a completely tech-driven universe.

When you think about it, some worry probably rises in your heart. Does this mean our lives would be easier? Does this also mean that more and more humans would be out of jobs?

Some people think that art can never be changed with the introduction of artificial intelligence because the beauty of art is the human imperfection in it all. The demand for AI is growing at a shocking pace. It was worth $39.9 billion last year and is expected to grow by 42% a year until 2027.

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Nevertheless, artificial intelligence is known to be infallible, especially since they work with the information they are given. If they fully take over the world, you may not even need to get an essay writer?s help because AI would get the job done seamlessly.

Healthcare, hospitality and engineering are sectors that we fully expect artificial intelligence to take over, and there are other sectors like this too. Have you, however, stopped to wonder what education would look like with the introduction of artificial intelligence? Of course, something would have to change. There would be an efficiency boost in some parts.

Here are some parts of education that may change:

Grading automation

There has to be a study on how grading takes up the personal time of teachers. Of course, they cannot use work time to grade. They have to wait, get home and then begin to grade, taking away so much from their time.

Having software that can read through written tests and grade them will be just great. Imagine having something like the optical mark recognition system used to grade answers on special papers that have to be shaded. This one would work a little differently though, as it would have to read through and grade a handwritten script.

Editing and proof-reading

We’re sure you must have said ?I want someone to write my essay? at some point in your life. Have you ever stopped to think of the level of work involved in proofreading alone?  Here’s a piece of information you should have for free: writing goes farther than just putting the words down. You’d also have to face editing, proof reading and all other parts of the job that drain your time and mental energy.

Having AI handle these parts of the job may just be a blessing because it would be fast, efficient and of good quality. Unfortunately, editors may lose their jobs but hey, we’re all going to lose our jobs to AI eventually.

Learning will be personalized

No matter how good a teacher may be, creating a personalized worksheet for every student according to their learning needs can be a little exhausting. Because of this, teachers just teach the entire class, hoping they all understand and learn at the same pace. AI will provide a personalized learning system that makes it easy for the teacher to figure out which student has learning issues and which one doesn’t.

Student reminders

Being a student is no piece of cake, especially for working students who are trying to pay off loans while they are still in college. You have to keep track of deadlines while working two or more jobs at the same time.

However, with AI, you can get push notifications or messages to remind you of deadlines. This way, you can avoid defaulting on assignments or payments.

This is a good thing because while ?I forgot? is not a valid excuse, in many cases, it is a very sincere one which will most likely be reduced by AI in coming times.

Article writing

While it is improbable that AI will be as good, versatile or as creative as humans get when writing, they just might be able to spin a completely error-free, fact-filled article, especially news articles.

Wondering how this is good news? It’s simple. A lot of writers and college students find this type of writing rather boring, and would not mind having it thrown off their tables. Thankfully, AI is offering to take it. People may not be able to tell the difference at the end of the day. Even if they can, punctuation or grammatical errors would definitely not be the giveaway factor. So, yay!

Identification of educational gaps

Teachers are humans, and sometimes, they are unaware of the gaps in their course materials. This often leads to confused students, because while they know where their course work stopped, the teacher may begin from a place that has no connection to the last point. They may speak up or not, but these issues exist. AI can point out these gaps to the teachers.

AI tutoring

This is very futuristic but there’s a huge chance that students may just start getting tutored by AI teachers. It may not be the same as human teachers, but these programs can be personalized per student and that is a very welcome idea.

AI is Transforming Education Forever

Yes, artificial intelligence, or as some of us would like to call it – robots are taking over the world. It may be for the good of everyone if the sci-fi movies we’ve watched are to be trusted. By now, you should have a glimpse of the things that would change when we get hit completely by artificial intelligence.