5 Ways Big Data Fuels SEO For eCommerce Stores

big data in seo ecommerce
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Big data is changing the future of SEO in countless ways. All ecommerce companies need to look for ways to utilize big data to make the most of their SEO strategies, because organic search is essential to their success.

The Overwhelming Importance of Big Data in SEO of eCommerce Companies

Big data has created a paradox for the SEO community. Although Google is becoming a lot stricter with its algorithms, smart marketers are finding better ways to implement SEO strategies with data analytics.

SEO is getting easier and easier to implement on eCommerce platforms in particular. In this article, we bring you the top 5 pro tips to boost your SEO with big data. You don’t have to be an eCommerce seo agency to be a pro at SEO, just implement the following 5 tips.

Let’s dive in:

1. Optimize your meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are those blurbs you see under the link in the search results. Most people skip optimizing their meta descriptions because Google doesn’t actually use them as a factor in their search ranking system.

On the other hand, how many times do you read the description of the search result before you click on it? Almost every time right?

Meta descriptions are written primarily for the user to help the user understand what they are clicking on. So it’s a really great idea to optimize them with the most relevant keywords and some good copy in order to get more clicks.

Big data is great at helping you figure out which meta descriptions work best. You can even use predictive analytics tools to see which ones will provide the most clicks and therefore boost your organic search rankings.

2. Build backlinks for the main pages of your store first

When you start to build backlinks for your e-commerce store you should always start with your main pages. As a rule, your collection or category pages have the most keywords on them and are the most relevant for the visitor as they can browse a variety of products at once.

Big data is also great for building backlinks. Take each of your category pages and use a big data tool like Moz or Ahrefs to see which keywords they rank for. Then reach out to relevant sites, bloggers, or influencers that use the keywords that you already rank for. And slowly over time, you will begin to build backlinks and start ranking higher on search results. A lot of big data tools also help with outreach.

3. Make your product titles more descriptive

Many stores shorten their product titles in the name of the user experience or design, losing out on a lot of SEO benefits.

For example, if you’re a dog food brand and you have a product called Skippy. Your web designer might want to display just the name Skippy with the price next to it. But the visitor won’t know what that is, or how it compares with the other products on your site.

From an SEO and a user experience perspective, it’s much better to display a short subtitle like this – “Skippy: organic pet food, 24 ounces. Any SEO eCommerce agency will tell you to be as descriptive as possible. Include your keywords and a dimension or length or color as appropriate. This way the user will clearly understand how your products differ and what you actually offer without having to visit each individual product page.

This is another area where big data can be helpful. You can use predictive analytics to see which titles will resonate the best with customers.

4. Get bloggers to review your product

Backlinks remain one of the most prominent SEO factors and they are especially beneficial for e-commerce. So if you sell a product, whether it’s a physical product or software you should have bloggers review it for you and share with their audience. This will not only increase your links but also get some good traffic back to your site.

5. Use UGC images and videos

One of the greatest ways to use social proof is to display images and videos of your customers using your product or service. There are a ton of UGC (user-generated content) apps that you can add to your e-commerce store that will grab all the images that users tag you in on social media and display them on your site.

How does this improve SEO? It keeps the visitors on your site for longer and by improving the site duration you will improve your search engine rankings.

Big Data is Crucial for SEO in eCcommerce

Ecommerce companies are using big data more than ever. Big data can play a very important role in SEO.

If you follow our simple tips you will see a huge increase in your search engine rankings. Here are the tips to use big data to get more value from organic search again:

  1. Optimize your meta descriptions
  2. Build backlinks for the main pages first
  3. Make your product titles more descriptive
  4. Get bloggers to review your product or service
  5. Use UGC images and videosC

Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way!

Sean is a freelance writer and big data expert. He loves to write on big data, analytics and predictive analytics.