The future and trends of Text Analytics

May 19, 2010
I recently attended a GATE seminar on the University of Sheffield. Having used GATE for quite some time now, i was happy to see that the GATE team is well committed to developing the GATE Text Analysis Workbench by constantly adding more functionality.

Although many of the participants were PhD students i was also happy to see people from companies that now wish to leverage the hidden knowledge that exists in unstructured text. Whether it was analysis on text of Patents information, intelligent search on Text of Photo Captions for a large News Agency or understanding what a customer wants, Text Analytics are becoming an important tool for making better decisions.
I also had the opportunity to speak with several people about the future of Text Analytics. What are we likely to see happening in the next years on Information Extraction and Text Analytics?
First we have to understand how Text Analytics deliver results. In order for a computer to ‘understand’ unstructured text, it should be ‘taught’ that the word ‘Dollar’ is a currency of a country that is called ‘US’ and also that US, United States, USA and U.S.A is the same concept. This means that