Advancing Corporate Uses of the Internet and Social Networking to Drive Business & Profits

March 5, 2010

It’s about 65 years since World War II ended and that means major transitions – for many reasons.  First, there are a massive number of ‘baby boomers’ who are becoming of age to receive health benefits (mostly through US’s Medicare), and secondly, there will be multiple European Countries that will default on loans, economic debt, and promises to their combined EU leadership.  (You heard it here, right?)  Third, the leadership of most of the leading industrial countries have been forgetting their functional job responsibilities or purposes and have embroiled themselves in politics (as usual) which is undermining the economies of the great 20th century nations.  This century will become, or is becoming, accelerated in actions, based on Business Intelligence, Analytics, and the ability to track customers/prospects like never before.  So the old ways are quickly passing.

Maybe these events will not affect the opportunity of all of us to reconsider what we could achieve by “knowing our customers” so much better and driving profitable actions.  The world of the internet is taking over the world of “direct selling”…