Request to Complete Howard Dresner’s BI Market Survey

February 18, 2010

Unlike my regular blogs that share my feelings about enterprise performance management, this one is a brief appeal for those organizations using business intelligence (BI) software to complete a survey for Howard Dresner. Howard, previously an IT analyst with the Gartner Group, is an internationally recognized subject matter expert in business intelligence and enterprise performance management methodologies.

Howard has titled it as his “Wisdom of Crowds” BI Market Survey. The link to his blog entry with the link to the survey is at Howard’s February 15, 2010 blog. At the bottom is the instruction “Click here to begin the study.” The deadline is March 15, 2010.

Howard shares a view that I and others in this domain have been increasingly speaking about. That view is that the barriers to the rate of adoption of enterprise performance management methodologies have much less to do with technical issues (e.g., poor or disparate data) or poor designs…