The Good News about MDM Market Consolidation

February 1, 2010

In which Jill stays high on MDM.

Crowd_photo by Sreejith K via Flickr (Creative Commons)

I usually root for the little guy, so when I first heard the rumor that there were multiple bidders for Siperian, I figured that SAP would take it home and that it really was a three-vendor world. With revenues passing the half-billion mark, it seems that Informatica is joining the ranks of the big guys after all.

I agree with those in the analyst community who say that Informatica’s purchase of Siperian will be good for both companies. (Check out great posts from Rob Karel and Merv Adrian.) Last year, Informatica’s MDM story verged on the schizophrenic as the company simultaneously advocated a “roll your own” approach to MDM using various software components while at the same time making investments in both Siperian and rival Initiate Systems.

Siperian fills in some significant voids in Informatica’s MDM capabilities, most notably hierarchy management and transaction integration—updating the golden record in real time. While Informatica supports message-based data passing in real time, with Siperian, real-time data requests will soon be a reality. In return, Siperian will now have the power of the Informatica sales force and a new set