Information Theory Approach to Data Quality and MDM

June 2, 2010

Over the past decade, data quality has been a major focus for data management professionals, data government organizations, and other data quality stakeholders across the enterprise. Still the quality of data remains low for many organizations. To a considerable extent this is caused by a lack of scientifically or at least consistently defined data quality metrics. Data professionals are still lacking a common methodology that would enable them to measure data quality objectively in terms of scientifically defined metrics and compare data sets in terms of their quality across systems, departments and corporations.  

Even though many data profiling metrics exist, their usage is not scientifically justified. Consequently enterprises and their departments apply their own standards or apply no standards at all.

As a result, regulatory agencies, executive management and data governance organizations are lacking a standard, objective and scientifically defined way to articulate data quality requirements and measure data quality improvement progress. An elusiveness of data quality results in that job performance of the enterprise roles responsible for data quality lacks