If you've used SAS or SPSS and want a jump-start into the basics of the popular R language, next week's webinar, Introduction to R for SAS and SPSS Users will be of interest to you. While R, SAS and SPSS are all three software systems for data analysis and graphics, the underlying concepts in R are quite different to those in SAS and SPSS.

To get SAS and SPSS users up to speed with the basics of R, Bob Muenchen (University of Tennessee) will give a 60-minute webinar on Wednesday, October 5. It will include:

  • What R is and how it compares to SAS and SPSS
  • An overview of how to install and maintain it
  • How to find R add-on modules comparable to those for SAS and SPSS
  • Which of R’s many user interfaces are most like those of SAS and SPSS
  • How to run R from within SAS and SPSS
  • What a simple R program looks like
  • Live Q&A with Bob Muenchen

Bob is the perfect presenter for this topic: he is the author of R for SAS and SPSS Users (and, with Joseph M. Hilbe, R for Stata Users). He is also the creator of r4stats.com, a popular web site devoted to helping people learn R. Bob also serves on advisory panels for IBM’s SPSS Corporation and SAS Institute. 

This live webinar takes place 11:00AM - 12:00PM Pacific Time on Wednesday, October 5. (Click here for the webinar time in your local time zone). Register and the link below for details on how to join the live session.

Revolution Analytics Webinars: Introduction to R for SAS and SPSS Users