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Analytics Blogarama - October 6, 2011

The Emerging Role of the Analyst

This is the first Analytics Blogarama on SmartData Collective!

Analytics bloggers Michael Ensley and Meta S. Brown initiated the idea and helped with the recruitment. Thanks to everyone who sent links to their articles from around the Web.

There will be more Blogaramas in the future, based on other themes for thinking and writing.

For and inquiries, contact [email protected].

Posts from Beyond the SmartData Collective:

The Emerging Role of the Analyst by Michael Ensley

The ABC's of Analytics by Richard Boire

Quicksand, Data Overload and Corporate Concrete by Christopher Pam

The Emerging Role of the Analyst by David Leese

The Emerging Role of the Analyst by R.K. Carboni

A Message to Data Analysts, Our Future Overlords by Scott Fenstermaker

Rock * Analyst * Hard Place by Erin Polka

Changing Environment is Changing Analytics by Lane Cochrane

Building a Better Analyst by Mark Bradbourne

Sharpen Your Pencils Kids, Data-Driven Careers Are In Demand by Lindsey Mark

6 Conditions for the Rise of Business Analysts by Ted Cuzzillo

The Emerging Role of the (Fundraising) Analyst by Kevin MacDonnell

The Data Miner’s somewhat surprising role as Honest Broker and Change Agent by Keith McCormick

From Survey Questions to Business Applications by Dawn Marie Evans & Steven J. Fink

Data Analysts, Data Scientists and the Rest of Us by Timo Elliott

Analysts: Stop Being Evil! by Myron Weber

A New Breed of Analysts... by Michael Ensley

Every User an Analyst - Bah, Humbug! by Barry Devlin

The Ever-changing Analyst Role by Paul Barsch