Why Your Business Needs Unified Comms

Why your business needs unified comms

Why your business needs unified comms

With so many communication options available, wouldn’t it be good if they were all connected in some way? Well, thanks to the rise of unified communications (UC) technology they can be and businesses of all sizes and budget can benefit.

What is UC?
In short, UC improves efficiency, collaboration and customer service through the integration of voice, video and data.


We all know about Skype, but UC takes the concept to a whole new level as it enables different types of communication services such as phone, instant messaging and videoconferencing to be run on the same network as PCs.

By moving your phone system to the web and using UC, your business can benefit in a number of ways.

  1. Better customer service/agility
  2. Improved internal communication
  3. Improved security – encrypted data
  4. Built for remote working

Boost efficiency with intelligent phone functions
How many times has a caller to your office been passed from pillar to post trying to reach the person they want to speak to?

It happens frequently in many workplaces and doesn’t look professional but UC can change all that as it has many advanced functions designed to help the caller get through first time.


UC enables multiple phones to ring at the same time wherever they are, so calls won’t be missed. It also offers advanced call forwarding to different types of device and employees can have a single number for all of their phones.

That means they can start a call from their desk and continue it on their mobile while out of the office.

Your phone and customer relationship management (CRM) system can be integrated with UC. When a customer calls, your employees will get a pop-up window displaying all of the client’s information on their PC or phone.

How the presence of Presence can save time
Another benefit of UC is what’s known as Presence technology, which lets you know the best way to contact someone and whether they’re available to talk to.


The Presence indicator shows whether you can contact them on their mobile, home phone or desk phone, or whether they’re in a meeting and not to be disturbed. This can save you a lot of time and effort as you don’t have to spend ages trying to track someone down.

Research for Cisco found that 49% of organisations saved up to 20 minutes per employee each day by reaching people on the first attempt.

How UC can save you money?
By adopting UC, you can significantly reduce your outgoings. For starters, it allows employees to work from home, saving you on equipment and office costs.

Web and videoconferencing applications also reduce the need for business travel. According to research by BT, travel cost reductions can be as much as 30%.


Moreover, UC gives you cheaper calls than with a traditional telephone system. Calls made within the digital network or over the internet are free. UC can also simplify billing and predict how much your monthly spend will be.

How UC can improve security?
Security is always a major concern for businesses but UC software can encrypt information that’s being sent across the network, so you can be confident that email, VoIP messages and instant messaging aren’t being intercepted by outside threats. This is especially important for sensitive information.

Is your business benefitting from UC? If so let us know how in the comments.