Crazy Ways Phone Analytics Are Changing The Future of Marketing

Here are some of the unbelievable ways that phone analytics are fundamentally transforming the future of marketing.

phone analytics
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The market for big data is projected to be worth over $229 billion by 2025, according to research from Markets and Markets. The analysis suggests that the rapid growth in utilization of big data by SMEs is driving momentum in the big data market. A large portion of this growth can further be attributed to the growing use of big data for marketing.

We have previously talked extensively about big data in digital marketing. However, phone analytics is another important facet of digital marketing.

Big data expands every day, and your business needs to be able to leverage it for success. But without the right tools, it can cause difficulties. Unless you know how to use the data to improve your company, it doesn?t have any value. While there are many tools to help you see how online marketing campaigns, you might feel stuck when it comes to phone analytics. If you understand how your marketing phone calls go, your company can become more competitive.

Gaining Insights into Phone Calls

Some companies offer products that let you see an overview of your phone activity by getting both historical and real-time data. While the call center industry might get the most use out of these products, other companies can still use this information to adjust their strategies. But no matter what your budget is, there are affordable methods of tapping into big data. One method of tracking your calls is to record the audio from each one and convert it to text. When you use a transcription service, it only takes seconds, and you can easily correct it before analyzing the data. This method ensures that the data is accurate. Not only is it useful to transcribe audio to text but video transcription is also applicable.

Why Track Your Phone Calls?

Analyzing your phone conversations can help your business ensure that your customers have a good interaction and that your employees perform well. Phone conversations are vital for marketing campaigns, easily if you sell to other businesses. With B2B marketing, calls are often set up after information is entered in an online form. If you don?t track your calls, you can?t determine how well your sales team does with follow up conversations. Knowing how well your strategy works allows you to make adjustments as needed. For instance, do you get better results on certain days of the week? Perhaps certain times, such as the afternoon, work better. If you notice trends in days that don?t do as well, maybe you can adjust your strategy to get better results during those times.

Sometimes, it just takes a quick script change to give your conversion rates a boost. Or you might decide to offer more training to your agents to help them drive customers toward the sales funnel. Your clients might be more responsive once they get information from other areas first. Remember it?s not all about analyzing the time, length, and date of the call. If you transcribe the call, you can search the keywords in each conversation or figure out which ones are being used the most. Look at how they are used and how they impact the customer. It?s a good idea to determine the language your staff members are using during calls and how your clients respond to it. Don?t be afraid to tweak your strategy however much you need to.

Phone Analytics is the Future of Marketing

Analytics can change the way marketers work. The more data you have, the more targeted and precise your campaigns can be. It?s all about personalization, and you can improve your customer service response by learning from the data you have available.

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