Machine Learning Drastically Curtails Mobile App Development Mistakes

Machine learning is disrupting the mobile app development industry. Although mobile app developers have used machine learning in some way or another for years, they are finding new applications for it. Machine learning is particularly useful when it comes to avoiding many of the biggest mistakes that app developers make.

The Growing Importance of Machine Learning in Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is a disruptive process that not only requires the realization of ideas but also requires using the right technology to build the app to ensure audience engagement and traction through adequate marketing measures.

According to Statista, mobile apps are projected to generate over $581.9 billion in revenues via paid downloads and in-app advertising by 2020. Another report by Adjust indicates that on average, users uninstall apps within 5.8 days after their last session. Entertainment apps get uninstalled the quickest (within 0.5 days) while E-commerce apps stay for a longer period (10.8 days).


These statistics are one of the major reasons as to why you need to avoid mistakes during app development. The better your app is, the lower the churn rate will be. Let’s have a look at the mistakes you need to avoid to perfect your marketing and how machine learning can help.

1 – Creating Mobile Apps Similar To Desktop Apps

Many companies require both mobile as well as desktop apps and to fulfill this requirement, a lot of app developers to create a mobile app, a replica of the desktop app.

A mobile app is not a smaller version of the desktop app. You need to understand its functionality from the smartphone users’ perspective. Despite representing the same business, a mobile app should be able to deliver specific value to mobile users.

An app developed especially for mobile will allow easier access to device data and storage and can easily integrate other installed apps such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

Marketers can then easily convince users to install both mobile as well as desktop apps as both will be delivering some specific value to the users. Also, ensure that UX for both the apps are different.

Machine learning is great for helping developers see the differences between their own app and desktop versions.

2 – Starting The Development Without An App Flowchart

Creating an app without any written plans is the biggest mistake that you should avoid. Think from a user’s perspective and build an app that is easy to navigate and user-friendly.

You need to create a flowchart and decide what will be placed where. For example, if you’re creating an e-commerce app, you should keep a cart button on the top-right corner while a navigation menu on the top-left corner (below the logo) that allows users to choose a category of their choice for easy access.

Thousands of apps are uploaded every day in the Play Store and AppStore and in order to stand out of the crowd, having a good UI is the key to customer attraction and retention.

Machine learning tools can help you conceptualize the flowchart.

3 – Not Creating an MVP

The minimum viable product also commonly referred to as MVP. It helps you test your app amidst the customer base in real market conditions. It also helps in evaluating the app’s performance in real-time.

When at the MVP stage, your app will include only the essential features. This will also help you save a lot of time and money. Another advantage of creating an MVP is it will let your target audience know about your brand and upcoming app.

With the help of user reviews, you will also get an idea of the features that your app is lacking and you can then modify the app. You can also release the initial version of the app with the help of MVP.

Machine learning tools are invaluable when it comes to creating an MVP.

4 – Adding Too Many Features In The Start

In order to engage the customers, app developers tend to add too many features that they are rarely going to use in the initial release. It can confuse them from completing the basic task which the app is intended for.

Instead of making the app feature-rich, it makes it bulky and will result in an increase in the load time. Also, it will increase the time required to build the app.

Add features slowly with updates, this will also help marketers attract new customers while retaining old ones. If you give all the features at once, users will get bored soon.

5 – Creating An App That Requires Too Much Space

Mobile phone users are very concerned about storage as mobile phones have very limited storage capacity. You need to consider this while building a mobile app and develop an app that fit the need of users while requiring less storage space.

An app that requires too much space has a greater chance of being uninstalled. Marketers can use this while promoting the app. For example, “this app provides you these (your app’s) features and doesn’t require much space to install”.

In order to reduce the size of your app, break down your APK, optimize all your web assets, remove unused resources, minimize resource use from libraries, compress image files, and remove unnecessary code from your app.

6 – Not Building Viral Mechanics In The App

You will have a linear growth when a user refers your app to one new user but when a user refers two new users, you have exponential linear growth, which is often referred to as ‘going viral’.

The viral mechanism is the best way to market your app and not including this feature in your app is a mistake you should seriously avoid. It encourages social sharing to the user’s social profiles.

This helps you market your app without much effort and the chances of your app being installed increase when a user shares it in his/her social media profile.

7 – Be Upfront About Your Credentials When Talking With Potential Clients

While there are so many experienced, talented, self-taught mobile app developers many clients and businesses will have certain prerequisites for software developers they hire, many of which will require a bachelor’s or a master’s degree.

Employers for positions like software consultants, UX Designer, Web Software Developer, and DevOps engineers usually require a degree OR equivalent experience according to Maryville University.

Also, make sure that you clearly describe your services when talking with potential clients. Setting expectations upfront will help the client understand the way services will be delivered and will help you save your time.

8 – Respond To Every Concern Of Your Clients

Providing immediate attention to your client’s needs is very crucial. Regardless of how long you’re doing business with them, if you want to retain your clients you must offer friendly and attentive services even to their smallest problems.

Also, make sure that you treat your old customers in exactly the same way you treat the new ones. Offer extended maintenance service after the successful completion of a project to turn your client into a loyal one.

9 – Reward Your Loyal Customers

Building a customer-focused app is the best way to build customer loyalty and retain customers. In fact, according to Annex Cloud, retaining existing customers is five times cheaper than acquiring new ones.

Another way to retain customers and turn them into loyal ones is by rewarding them with special benefits whenever they perform certain actions. Rewards can be given in the form of special discount coupons, or special access to your latest collection, or one-month free trial on your services.

10 – Don’t Push Your Customers

When it comes to notifications, there are two types of mobile apps. One with polite or necessary app notifications and the other with a lot of spammy notifications.

Understand that all your customers might not want to hear every single thing from you and provide the option to opt-in/opt-out from push notifications.

You can also add a feature that allows customers to choose when they want to be notified. For example, notify me when a new feature is added or when there’s a sale going on.

Machine Learning is Critical to Mobile App Development and Marketing

Avoiding common mistakes while mobile app development can help you market your app effectively. Make sure that your mobile app is not heavy and is different from desktop apps.

Create an MVP of your app to get customer feedback and modify the app before its final release. Also, avoid adding too many features in the starting. Release new updates with additional features to retain old customers but make sure you include a viral mechanism feature in your app.

Machine learning can be very useful in all of these stages. You just need to have the right big data tools at your disposal.

Sean Parker is an entrepreneur and content marketer with over 5 years of experience in SEO, Creative Writing and Digital Marketing with Rank Media. He has worked with several clients from all over the globe to offer his services in various domains with a proven track record of success.