Text Analytics Pros Daily

Twitter Aggregation For Text Analytics and Data Mining Professionals

Twitter Aggregation For Text Analytics and Data Mining Professionals

Last weekend I set up the NGMR Twitter Daily to summarize tweets by my fellow Next Gen Market Research colleagues. Most of the NGMR members do not know that I also moderate the largest group for Text Analytics professionals on LinkedIn (Data & Text Analytics Professionals – DTAP has over 3,200 members currently).

Because of the high interest in the NGMR Twitter Daily, I’ve also set up a similar daily digital news source for this group, the Text Analytics Pros Daily.

Note, the audience in Next Gen Market Research and the Data & Text Analytics Professionals group are quite different. In NGMR we have mainly traditional Market Researchers who are interested in, and open to new and advanced techniques in market research. In DTAP on the other hand, the membership is more quantitative and focused on Data Mining/Knowledge Discovery professionals, Programmers, and of course Text Mining Professionals (including Social Media Monitoring).

While some may be interested in both groups, they are quite different, and both are also rather specific in subject knowledge level.

In any case, if you are a Data and Text Mining professional who tweets and want to be covered in The Text Analytics Pros Daily, simply start to tag some tweets with “#DTAP” and follow @TextAnalysisPro on Twitter, and your tweets will eventually automatically be covered.

Already being covered are tweets from text and data mining experts like Seth Grimes, Gregory Piatetsky Shapiro and myself, as well as Anderson Analytics, and other companies who have expertise in text analytics and/or social media monitoring, from Attensity, Clarabridge and Collective Intellect to SPSS and Radian6.

If you’re not on Twitter, don’t worry, you don’t have to be a twitter user to read the Text Analytics Pros Daily. ;)

CEO – Anderson Analytics, LLC
Mod – NGMR
Mod – DTAP

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