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Watson Analytics: The Data Scientist Accelerator

On Tuesday, September 16, at Times Square New York, IBM announced the forthcoming…

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IBM Bets a Billion to Mobilize Watson Business Unit and Monetize Cognitive Computing

With much fanfare and a rarely seen introduction by CEO Ginni Rometty,…

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Watson 2.0, Platform Thinking and Data Marketplaces

Few computing and technological achievements rival IBM’s Watson. Its impressive accomplishments to this…

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Chatting with Your Computer: How the iPhone’s Siri Compares with IBM’S Watson

IBM's Watson computer, which defeated the two all-time human champs on the…

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Decision Services, Watson and Cognitive Computing

When James Taylor and I wrote the book “Smart (Enough) Systems: How…

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Musings on Watson: Why Healthcare?

(An earlier version of this article was published at http://www.constellationrg.com/blog/2011/12/musings-watson-why-healthcare) 

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Dear Watson: What is life?

Scouring Twitter for Watson stuff, I just came across some deep questions…

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Impersonating our new computer overlords

There's been a lot of news recently (here in the US at…

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Final Jeopardy- Stephen Baker’s quest to know everything

Watson IBM’s Jeopardy playing computer is set to square off with reigning…

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Nova’s documentary on IBM’s Jeopardy machine: Questions raised

I enjoyed watching the Nova special, Smartest Machine on Earth, about IBM's…

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