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A Year On: The Promise of SAP HANA for Big Data Analytics (Part One)

It’s a now a little over a year since SAP launched HANA…

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Hadoop pushes, pulls Big Data analytics into mainstream (Part Two)

Did you miss out? It’s ok. We’ll fill you in. Part one…

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Fascination with Hadoop pushes, pulls Big Data analytics into mainstream. (Part One)

Interest in Hadoop – a free open-source Java-based framework from the Apache…

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10 Don’ts for Delivering Mobile Business Intelligence

With all the major vendors and analyst firms espousing the growing importance…

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Top 14 Business Intelligence predictions for 2012

Don’t confuse continuity for laziness. On face value, rehashing events already transpired…

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Four Steps to Success with Big Data

Author: Amanda BrandonSpotfire Blogging Team

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TDWI World Conference Chicago 2009

Founded in 1995, TDWI (The Data Warehousing Institute™) is the premier educational…

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Dave Wells’ prescription for the incurious

Former TDWI education director Dave Wells keeps running into users whose BI…

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The Down Economy and Data Integration

Vendors, writers and analysts are generating a lot of buzz about the…

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Back from TDWI

Last week I attended TDWI in Las Vegas. Normally, by talking to…

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