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Has Personalized Filtering Gone Too Far?

In a world of plenty, algorithms may be our saving grace as…

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Google and the Fairness of Search

So now it seems the EU will

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Remember When…Google was the Anti-Microsoft

This week, Facebook launched a new email service.  It has long been…

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Wolfram/Alpha and the future of search

The New York Times article on the arm of my chair is…

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The (still) coming privacy boom

A year ago, at a cover meeting at BusinessWeek, I proposed a…

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From Search to Share: How Google can win in the Social Age

Google is one of the great success stories of internet age. Given…

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Google and Transparency

Let me preface this post with a clear disclaimer: I work at…

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Microsoft’s anti-Google weapon: Open-source Bing

Google continues to punish Microsoft in search, taking some 70% of the…

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