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Using Data Analytics to Create a Great Employee Gifting Strategy

Data analytics has helped countless companies develop better employee management strategies. They…

Sean Parker Sean Parker 9 Min Read

How Artificial Intelligence For Contract Negotiations Impacts Companies

Many companies negotiate countless contracts a year, ranging from facilities rentals, technology…

Calum Coburn Calum Coburn 8 Min Read

More Than Pretty Pictures: Visualizing Insight

             Source: customerthink.com               Source: customerthink.com While more analytics tools, including data visualization applications, are…

JulieHunt JulieHunt 4 Min Read

Business Analytics – Opposition or Proposition?

Metaphorically, belief and disbelief in business analytics as a competitive edge -…

GaryCokins GaryCokins 4 Min Read

Analytics: Not About Saving Time

 We hear a lot these days about how analytics can accelerate a…

nraden nraden 7 Min Read

Decision Services, Watson and Cognitive Computing

When James Taylor and I wrote the book “Smart (Enough) Systems: How…

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IBM Advances Predictive Analytics for Decision Management

At its Business Analytics Analyst Summit (Twitter: #IBMBAS12) this week, IBM unveiled…

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Register for the first Decision Management Systems Platform Report Webinar

The first webinar from my ongoing research into Decision Management Systems Platforms…

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Take the Predictive Analytics in the Cloud survey

Decision Management Solutions, the company of which I am CEO, is running…

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Data Visualization: Accelerating the Decision Management Process

International Data Corporation (IDC) recently released a new

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