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Is Cloud Computing Hurtling Towards Disaster?

The freight train of cloud computing has left the station and is…

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Big Data Hype is an Opportunity for Data Management Pros

Big Data is a hot topic in the data management world.

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5 Ways Cloud ‘Supercharges’ Enterprise Initiatives

Captain Query and Commander Spid are trapped in a multi-dimensional PowerPoint presentation…

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The CIO Diaries – Bridging the Gap to LBOs

CIO -- “I am managing ten applications, eighty five virtual machines, four networks,…

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Help Change the World with Data Science

New York based data scientist Jake recognizes that statisticians could be doing…

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Big Data: What can an energy company teach us about data science?

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the Economist’s first…

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Data Quality – Everyone is a Stakeholder

I have been wondering when we as a society realize our stake…

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The Path to Innovation in Data Management

I read a recent analyst report on the data quality market and…

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How Good Management Can Produce Bad Data

As a long-time analytics practitioner, I am well aware of the dangers…

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