5 Reasons for Data Scientists To Learn Ethical Hacking

Data scientists should seriously consider pursuing careers in ethical hacking.

data scientists can consider careers as ethical hackers
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You may have spent years developing a background as a data scientist. However, you might wonder what to do after developing these skills. The good news is that you have a lot of options.

There are a lot of ways to create a thriving career in data science. The BLS reports that data scientists make an average salary of $108,660 a year. They can earn high incomes because there are so many potential options.

One way data scientists can make a living is as ethical hackers. You want to learn more about this career if this is the direction you would like to take.

What Data Scientists Should Know About Pursuing a Career in Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking is the skill of identifying vulnerabilities in networks and systems. It is the perfect career direction for a data scientist, since it builds on skills they already have. To become an ethical hacker, you need hands-on knowledge of data science, networking, database management systems, cryptography, and social engineering. Ethical hackers can add great value to businesses.

In the current digital landscape, ethical hacking holds special significance as it helps secure companies’ online assets. Ethical hackers are supposed to maintain the servers and computers and secure them from possible cybersecurity threats. Since they have to maintain large databases, data scientists can be very helpful here. Data scientists also know a lot about artificial intelligence, which is important since more hackers are using AI to coordinate cyberattacks.

As a result of the evolution of big data, all businesses wish to have a solid online presence to reach their audience effectively. It has enabled companies to target their audience and market their products or services more efficiently. But this technological evolution has also increased security threats for online businesses. Hiring a competent and experienced ethical hacker has become crucial for all companies.

If you are an aspiring ethical hacker, you must focus on improving the skills that can open the gates of many opportunities. It will help you land your dream job as the demand for ethical hackers is increasing daily.

Without further ado, let’s find some reasons for data scientists to learn about ethical hacking.

1.      To Have A Highly Rewarding Career 

You should know that cyber security professionals get higher salaries as compared to other professionals in the computer science field. The reason is the skillset that enables these professionals to prevent cyber-attacks and ensure business stability for companies. 

Although, you should opt for the relevant degree to master ethical hacking skills. You may check out the hacking 101 courses, which will help you learn the basics of ethical hacking before opting for it. 

Cyber-attacks not only damage the finances and systems of the companies but also affects their credibility. Companies are willing to pay handsome salary packages to competent, ethical hackers. It means you have a good chance to establish a great and rewarding career by nurturing the required skills. 

According to a research study, the average raise of 50% per year has been recorded in the salaries of ethical hackers. It shows the presence of great and life-changing opportunities in this field, so you need to make the most out of it. 

2.      To Understand the Mindset of Hackers

To catch criminals, it is important to think like them to understand what can be their next move. Similarly, when it comes to cyber security threats, ethical hacking allows you to understand the mindset of hackers.

By thinking like cyber thieves, you can take the right measures to improve and strengthen the corporate network. Black hat hackers are the biggest threat to the growth and sustainability of any business. If you can learn how they operate, you will be able to identify and limit the potential risks.

Training in ethical hacking allows individuals to nurture this mindset that eventually positively impacts their skills.

Data scientists may not be behavioral scientists, but they can learn more about hackers by looking at data on their activities. This will help them better understand them.

3.      To Explore Hidden Techniques

By learning ethical hacking, you can explore different security protocols and practices that can positively impact your professional career. Once you start exploring new concepts, it can also help you continuously climb the ladder of professional success. 

From mobile phone hacking to testing web application security, you will get a chance to learn plenty of new things. Having a diverse skill set can provide you with plenty of job options. 

Also, it will help you positively contribute to companies that suffer from different types of cyber-attacks daily. 

4.      To Help with Software Development

Whenever new software is developed, stakeholders and developers need someone to check its security protocols. That is where the role of ethical hackers becomes crucial because they can ensure foolproof security testing as per the industry standards.

Learning ethical hacking makes you aware of the tools and quality assurance practices to identify the common vulnerabilities.

As an ethical hacker, you can coordinate with developers to make them aware of all the vulnerabilities helping them create secure and user-friendly software.

5.      To have Opportunities of Working in any Industry

You should understand that cybersecurity professionals hold special significance today. Their value is bound to increase in the future, as businesses’ main concern will be securing their online systems and servers from potential cyberattacks. 

Undoubtedly, people with high-level cybersecurity skills will be in demand. You will have the opportunity to work in any industry – whether it is a public or private entity.

For example, a rouge country can try to harm another country by disabling and taking over their power grids by using their skilled hackers’ expertise.

In such a situation, the role of cybersecurity professionals will become more important than ever to defend the national assets of the country that is under attack. This is where your skill as an ethical hacker can make you eligible to serve in the government sector.

On the other hand, you can explore endless opportunities if you want to serve in the private sector. You can work in a marketing agency or logistics company, and can handle their cybersecurity. 

It is recommended to think carefully before opting to work as an ethical hacker for a government or a private entity. List down all the pros and cons of working in both sectors, take advice from professionals, family, or friends and then make your final decision. 

In the current era, there are plenty of opportunities for ethical hackers. But you need to enhance your skill set to become eligible for the high-paying positions and serve in top companies.

Data Scientists May Find Lucrative Careers as Ethical Hackers

Are you considering using your skills as a data scientist to become an ethical hacker? To do that, you need to opt for the relevant courses and degrees that will help you to increase your worth in the eyes of potential employers. Once you start learning ethical hacking, you will start understanding the mindset of cyber criminals. It will help you know what skills you need to master to mitigate the risk of cyberattacks and contribute positively to the growth and sustainability of companies.

Hopefully, the reasons mentioned above will help you understand the significance of ethical hacking in today’s modern era.

Hope you enjoyed the article and got a gist of reasons to learn ethical hacking in this constantly evolving world.

Andrey Koptelov is an Innovation Analyst at Itransition, a custom software development company headquartered in Denver. With a profound experience in IT, he writes about new disruptive technologies and innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning.