Pizza Delivery Businesses Turn to Big Data Analytics for Record Growth

big data analytics and pizza delivery business
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The pizza delivery business is one of the last industries that you would expect to be touched by big data. However, new research shows that pizza delivery companies are actually benefiting considerably from big data.

Big Data is Having a Massive Impact on the Pizza Delivery Business

With the growth of online pizza delivery industry, businesses are adopting big data technologies and analytics to remain competitive. The technology allows them to understand customers’ tastes and preferences. You see, people have high expectations for a pizza, especially when ordering it from a pizzeria. Their mind is set in a way that they want their pizza to be fresh, hot and perfect in taste. When running a pizzeria, it’s important ensure the pizza has the same taste and delivery is always on time. But how much can big data really affect the pizza business? According to a case study by Domino’s – a lot. The national pizza chain reports that it uses 85,000 data sources to make better informed business decisions. There are a number of reasons that it is turning out to be so helpful. Smaller businesses could take a leaf from the Domino?s book. They may find that investing in big data would be a huge boon for their business. Here are some ways in which you can optimize big data analytics to understand your customers better and increase your revenue. With the growth of online pizza delivery industry, investments in this sector have grown exponentially. All these businesses generate data in the form of client orders, GPS, delivery location, tweets, reviews, images, and blogs among others. The data generated relates to the taste of your pizza, the average wait time, menu availability and product inventory levels. As a business, you can combine the big unstructured data with sales and transaction data for sentiment and tendency analysis. With this, you can leverage on mobile app analytics to build a positive brand image and increase affinity towards your clients.

Big Data on Your Pizza Menu to Increase ROI

Almost everyone enjoys a slice of pizza. With so many pizza orders to manage and deliver, your business with large amounts of data to process and analyze. Be sure to leverage it with big data analytics for enhanced customer service and experience. As a pizza delivery business, you’ll need to collect data on what and when your customers place an order. Use this information to make them a personalized offer for their favorite pizza. With people becoming more conscious of their health, there’s a massive demand for fresh and unprocessed items on a hotel menu.

Use Big Data to Create New Pizza Recipes

There’s good news for pizza fans who’d like to change their pizzeria time and again. Big data and data science are set to revolutionize how new pizzerias and food joints come up with their recipe ideas. All these works to savor taste buds and give your customers a fantastic experience. The process seeks to make creative pizza recipes that are unusual and savor your client’s taste buds. Here’s how.

  • The client selects a recipe they want to eat by choosing a specific cuisine and the main ingredients.
  • The program then scans your big data repository to see the relationship between various ingredients and customer tastes.
  • The program then develops a new and fantastic recipe based on client selection above.
  • Based on uniqueness and quality, the best recipe is selected.
  • The new recipe is passed out to the chef to try it out.

Big data has had a tremendous impact on the pizza delivery business. What will the big data benefits for the industry be in the years to come? It will probably make or break new pizza delivery companies.

Invest in Big Data to Get the Most from Your Pizza Delivery Business

As the on market demand for pizza grows, pizzerias must capitalize on all the data they have. In this way, they’ll be able to optimize on their services and get a competitive advantage. Pizzerias that aren’t using big data are missing out on a lucrative opportunity to satisfy their customers and get a positive return on investment.

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