Middle East Focus: Moving to the Cloud Computing

The Business in the 21st century is now stepping into the new horizons of cloud computing. This need for equalizing and systematizing the business process is the key factor in mobilizing the Cloud applications market in the Middle Eastern countries. Since the markets in the North American region have already reached its saturation, this situation has created a sea of opportunities for the emerging markets in Cloud Computing on the Global level and the Middle East is certainly the focal point of these because of reduced energy consumption and relatively economic costs.

What are Cloud Applications?

Cloud Applications or Cloud Apps are those Software programs where both the local components and the cloud components work together. These applications encourage reduced energy consumption, economic costing and a dexterous deployment of applications in extremely swift manner. Cloud applications in the Middle Eastern market are available through some of the most established names in the industry, However, cloud apps. are also available through major network partners in the Middle East who are playing a pivotal role in the Middle Eastern zone.


Since, the Middle Eastern market is well equipped with the fastest cloud computing network, so the focus of the big sharks of the industry is certainly in this region. Also, according to certain surveys, the data traffic of the Middle East is expected to grow more than 400% by 2027.It is also expected that by the end of the year 2020 about 96% of the workload of MENA region will be available and processed in the cloud applications. So, it is rightfully stated that Cloud computing forms the fundamentals of increased competitive business and digitalization of cities.

Cloud services have moved beyond the hype and are increasingly becoming mainstream. Large companies, like SAP, Microsoft, and HP are helping customers in the Middle East to become more agile through cloud technologies and this also results in increasing demand of cloud computing services companies in Middle East. Microsoft is a leading global provider of cloud computing services for businesses of all sizes. Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services which developers and IT professionals use to build, deploy and manage applications through our global network of datacenters. eDesk HUB identifies top Microsoft Azure cloud computing services in Middle East with verified user reviews to help you Find the best cloud solution for your needs.

Cloud Computing and Security

When we talk about cloud computing, one thing that immediately strikes our mind is the security of the sensitive data, and other coordinating data profiles of a company. Well, a good news in this regard is the setup of more and more companies in the Middle East that are focused on ensuring security and leaving no stone unturned to eliminate the vulnerability to cybercrime and such risks. Along with this, companies offering cloud computing are also focused on the upliftment of the efficiency in both private and public sectors. .


Growth areas

A recent survey by a leading portal suggests that digital transformation of the Middle East is bound to boost the economy by a whopping $14bn by 2020. According to this survey, UAE government is leading the way for many of its contemporaries and is helping in the digital transformation of the country. It is stated that the usage of smartphones, cloud computing and other such apps by the GEN-Y has emphasized the nation into this field of digital transformation

Key Sectors

The Aviation sector, Schools, Retail sector are the foremost institutions to adopt the new technology and become the pioneers of this system in the Middle East. Other sections that are fastidiously entering towards the growing digital adoptions are Oil and gas, education, hospitality and medical service providers. It is believed that with the digitalization of the economy, there will be a reduction in unemployment status, an increase in good quality of healthcare and education.


Gulf Infotech is one of the Cloud service providers in the Middle East that is providing cloud services at a very economic and business benefitting ways. The company rightly claims through its Motto that their goal is to provide businesses with the right type of cloud computing to achieve their respective business objectives. Another key service provider of Cloud application is Etisalat in collaboration with Services Middle East who is managing security services offering a cost-effective solution in secure business transactions on cloud applications in UAE.

Benefits of Cloud Applications:

The top six benefits that companies are reaping with the migration on Cloud are namely increased productivity by 41%, 36% improved the flexibility of accessing the data anytime and anywhere. The cloud computing helps in increasing the capacity of the storage up to 35% resulting in an improved IT control of up to 30% overall. It has helped in reducing the IT investment of a company up to 33% thereby adding more cost benefits and setting the cash registers ringing with improved savings.



The Focus of the Middle East to move to the cloud has created a sea of opportunities for its future generations by incorporating it into as many sectors as possible along with increasingly becoming a service provider for cloud migration for many companies of the west. This, in turn, is likely to create many employment opportunities for its Youth, while promising them a better future and hence, become the pioneer of cloud computing in the East.

Hamad Almuraikhi
Hamad Almuraikhi is the Founder and CEO of eDesk HUB, a research and review platform that offers vetted and verified references and reviews on high quality web development companies and other technology services like cloud computing services with varied experience. eDesk HUB helps the firms to select the top performing IT service providers for Middle East.