5 Most Successful ICOs Of All Time Conducted Over Blockchain

The blockchain has led to some very impressive ICOs over the last decade.

blockchain leads to many successful ICOs
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The blockchain is now almost 15 years old. Few people projected that it would ever have such a huge affect on our lives.

Many industries have been affected by the blockchain, since it has so many applications. However, the cryptocurrency sector is still the most reliant on blockchain technology.

Blockchain is obviously essential for buying and selling bitcoins. However, other cryptocurrencies are also dependent on blockchain technology.

As a result, every initial coin offering (ICO) has been dependent on blockchain technology. Some of the ICOs have been very popular.


Blockchain Advances Have Led to Some Incredible ICOs in Recent Years

The world is changing with the aspects of digitalization, and technology is evolving day by day. We cannot neglect the essence of technology as it has the ability to deliver the best for us. There is nothing more exciting than using modern tools of technology.

We use smartphones and the internet to process all the information and also for entertainment purposes. Moreover, the ecosystem is used to utilize your device for multiple purposes. The emerging technology has given us Blockchain to enhance our transaction process.

ICOs are a kind of Crypto coins that are being used as a token to raise funds to create new crypto tokens. ICOs are like Initial Public Offerings (IPO) to secure funds through new investments to create something new in the field of Cryptocurrency.

ICO can also leverage the utilities like software or new products. So the goal of a project is important here. The projects of ICO are more exciting to the investors as they find the goals exciting and secure their perspective for future enhancements. 


Successful ICOs that Were Launched Over the Blockchain

This article is all about knowing the successful ICOs of all time. Since cryptocurrencies depend on the blockchain, this technology has been the lynchpin of these ICOs.

Investors can use the Cryptocurrency of their choice or the particular currency mentioned by a project to invest in a particular project. You can also use Bitcoin through the bitcoin loophole to invest in your preferred ICO.

Let’s look for the best ICOs ever.

1. EOS

In 2018, a $4.2 billion fund was raised by EOS with their year-long fundraising approach through ICO. The project was initiated by Dan Larimer, one of the early Cryptocurrency pioneers.


This is marked as the competitor of Ethereum and also can be used as a proof-of-stake platform. It is a crucial process to be a part of the dApp, and the development measures were there with EOS. in 2020, the project was marked as a decentralized process, and since then, there has been a massive boom seen in funding from the developers. 

2. Telegram

Nikolai Durov and Pavel are the masterminds behind the inauguration of Telegram. It raised almost $1.7 billion in 2018 for the purpose of creating an open network for users.

It was on the favorite list of many investors with the expectations of making it a Blockchain-based payment and messaging app. The publicity and excitement were also there, but it was neglected by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

After the prohibition of launch, the program was canceled, and the TON was never launched again. They also refunded a fine of $1.2 billion to the investors. 


3. NEO

NEO is considered to be a lucky ICO for investors. It is a Chinese blockchain project which is also open-sourced. It is mostly known as the Chinese Ethereum.

The aim of NEO was also to gain smart contracts and decentralized commerce, and they were also able to gain that. The Chinese government also played the role of an investor in this project. From an initial coin value of 3 cents to it’s all-time high, $180 was just amazing.

4. Ethereum

Ethereum is the second largest Cryptocurrency of all time, and the market cap is also very high. But if you consider Bitcoin as the latest Cryptocurrency, it is only a digital currency. In contrast, Ethereum is both a digital currency and also a decentralized application that involves smart contracts.

This token was sold for $0.31, and from there to over $3,128 per token; the journey was amazing for the investors. The rate of return is also very high for lucky investors. 


This ICO inspired many other cryptocurrency enthusiasts. An article on Medium talked about ways to do a similar ICO in under 20 minutes using Ethereum.

5. Ark

Ark is also another ICO that was initiated to be prominent in the market of Cryptocurrency. This platform allows the users to quickly integrate the other currencies through its own network.

The process is amazing and was loved by many investors. During the ICO, the token price was only $0.04. And, from there, it rose to nearly $11 at its best. Currently, the score is running low, but it can return anytime.


Invest Carefully

Investments with ICO are not hectic, but it requires proper market research and integration of knowledge. If you think that ICO is an easy process to invest in, go for any ICO, and then you will find yourself in a scam project. ICO scamming can be easy, and thus prepare yourself with proper market research before you invest.


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