How Data Analytics and BI Professionals Used Twitter In October

twitter follow friday1 photo (analytics and twitter)Last month, we started a monthly feature called How Data Analytics and BI Professionals Use Twitter.

twitter follow friday1 photo (analytics and twitter)Last month, we started a monthly feature called How Data Analytics and BI Professionals Use Twitter. We covered the news, insight and data found on Twitter and who’s driving the business intelligence information. This month, we thought it would be valuable to share more “who to follow” Twitterers since it’s #FollowFriday and their insights from the last month.

Julie B. Hunt, a market intelligence analyst, discussed the ever-expanding role of analytics as the “true intelligence for business.” Click this link to get some insight on where BI came from and how “all analytics – need to head to deliver evolving value to enterprises.”

John L. Myers, an analyst and blogger for the BEYENetwork, received tweetage for his series on Big Data and coverage of the TDWI Summit: Deep Analytics for Big Data. He did a nice job applying the points covered in the summit to the telecom sector. Takeaway: The future of “big data” is here, and telecom is at the forefront.


Mike Ferguson, an analyst specializing in BI and data management, received tweetage for his post on Right Time Business Optimization. Interesting note: We also learned via Julie’s Twitterfeed that John is speaking at the Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence in London on Operational BI this week.

Jill Wanless, a senior advisor at EDC, “rants about information silos and bad business.” Plus, she’s got one of the best Twitter profile pics we’ve seen. Her blog post Data Quality – The Inadvertent Oxymoron got over a week’s worth of buzz in the Twittersphere. Definitely a good idea to add the #dataquality hashtag to your Hootsuite or Seesmic feeds.

Another consultant and blogger in the data quality space, Jim Harris, has the best Twitter handle of the month – @ocdqblog – which translates to OCD data quality – and one of the most active Twitter feeds for the month of October. His blog post Trust is Not a Checklist received rave reviews. Definitely worth a look.

Our first marketing professional in the Twitter roundup, Lorita Ba Vannah, marketing communications director at Kalido, offers insights on master data management. Her Twitter feed for October was full of chatter on how companies should look at MDM to optimize processes and decrease operational costs.


Phil Simon, an independent tech consultant, made a buzz in October with his take on Formal vs. Informal Data Governance and his switch to a Mac documented in his comic strip “Travels of a Technology Consultant.”

Dalton Cervo, another data governance aficionado, received kudos for his landing a position with DataFlux and for the company’s IDEAS2010 conference on master data management.

Naomi B. Robbins, a graph expert, attended the first meetup of the New York Data Visualization and Infographics group after learning about it on twitter.

MDM and data quality ruled the Twittersphere in October for the BI and data analytics space. Stay tuned next month for more insights, news and peeps to follow from our Twitter roundup.



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Amanda Brandon
Spotfire Blogging Team