How BI and Data Analytics Professionals Used Twitter in February

February was an eventful month for data analytics and BI professionals on Twitter. This month we bring you famous Tweeters and a new Tweet Jam. Here’s the recap.

Twitter Visualizer

February was an eventful month for data analytics and BI professionals on Twitter. This month we bring you famous Tweeters and a new Tweet Jam. Here’s the recap.

Twitter Visualizer

Brand Niemann, a retired senior enterprise architect at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency made our Twitter list for his cool visualizations on government data. Here’s one visualization on the number of Tweets mentioning the International Open Government Data Conference. Niemann partners with Mills Davis, another data scientist to extract, transform, and load a number of EPA and federal databases to produce more transparent, open and collaborative business analytics applications.

Twitter Tool of the Month –

We searched through 1,439 tweets mentioning “Social BI” thanks to, a real-time search engine for social networks. You can sort by the past three hours, 24 hours, week, month or all time.

Another useful feature on this site is the Experts search. We did the same keyword search for social BI experts and returned 20 experts. Topsy rates an expert on a topic by the number of mentions. We’re happy to say that @tibcospotfire has the second most mentions in this search. The top mentions? James Kobielus, lead Forrester advanced analytics analyst.

Where BI and Data Pros Hang Out

What’s more social than a blog network for BI and data pros? Brought to you by, Smart Data Collective is a great place to find blog posts, news and BI peeps. They also made our list for initiating some Twitter love with this Tweet: “Data Analytics – Helping Sports Teams Win – good insight from @Brett2point0.”

Best Twitter Handle – Simply Merv

The best Twitter handle of the month goes to the new vice president of research at Gartner – Merv Adrian or @merv. Formerly an independent consultant at IT Market Strategy, Adrian specializes in business intelligence. One of the most “social” analysts out there with more than 3,000 followers.

Social Collaborators

Carol Rozwell, vice president and a distinguished analyst on Gartner’s social software and collaboration team, makes our list for her Tweets in February regarding social networks becoming a new form of BI. She also writes a blog on social collaboration for Gartner. We saw this term a good bit on Twitter in February.

An independent consultant from Stockholm, Sweden, Damra Muminovic, also Tweeted about this “social collaboration” and how it’s affecting companies and the decisions they make. She also showed a little Twitter love, which awards her our vote for the best across-the-pond follow of the month.

The Social Mined – New Twitter Website?

What appears to be a Twitter only site (as stated in their bio), TheSocialMined shares news and content on social network analysis and data mining. We’ve seen several Spotfire ReTweets and some cool news items throughout the month of February. Definitely worth the follow. And, they take the runner up award for best Twitter handle.

A New, Weekly Tweet Jam – #DataKnightsJam

Last month, a new Twitter Jam (a near-real-time conversation on Twitter marked by a singular hashtag) called #DataKnightsJam. The weekly chat is hosted by Jim Harris – a previous best Twitter handle winner with @ocdqblog and blogger-in-chief at Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality and Phil Simon, an independent systems consultant, of – a community for data experts. Last week, Spotfire’s Mark Lorion participated in the chat on #DataGovernance. You can see the recap of this Jam at (links to the #DataKnightsJam). Tune in every Wednesday at 1 p.m. Eastern.

As always, here’s your Follow Friday list for easy following. Until next month, Tweet away!


Amanda Brandon
Spotfire Blogging Team