How Artificial Intelligence Puts James Bond Tracking Tools In Your Home

Artificial intelligence can help put tracking tools in your home that are a lot like James Bond. Here's what that means for safety, privacy, and security.
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Artificial intelligence can help keep your family safe in many ways. Many people recognize that is has led to the development of new security systems, but there are less commonly discussed benefits. One of the biggest benefits is that it helps with location device tracking. Tracking someone’s activity on a map seems like stuff straight out of a 007 movie. Modern AI technology has made it possible. New GPS phone tracking has basically made it viable in the real world. Due to the breakthroughs in telecommunications and cellular networking services, today you can find free solutions which can allow you to keep track of the activities of your family and friends on a particular satellite map. The IEEE discusses the role that AI has played in device tracking technology. A team of four researchers from Karpagam University of Technology in India published the article ?Adaptive visual tracking system using artificial intelligence.?

Artificial Intelligence is Making Device Tracking a Reality

Many people tend not to be tracked or followed by an individual. Not only would they be easy to identify them, they would also run fowl of stalking laws. So, without knowing anyone you are targeting, device tracking is a much easier solution. Many devices and applications can be tracked, due to advances in AI. Even Apple’s instant message service “iMessage” can easily be tracked, and this article “” has made it easier for parents and employers to track the location of a targeted device. Is There Any Privacy Issue? Artificial intelligence has raised many privacy concerns. Monitoring a cell phone without the person knowing about it is against the law in almost all states. Having said that, when you have kids to look after, who can’t stand being followed everywhere they go, monitoring their phone is a secure and non-invasive method of checking their location. Therefore, this is only an offense when you invade their privacies without their consent. You can monitor their behavior with a tracking device as a condition of having the phone, which is not a violation of any law. You may even have an elderly member of the family who is experiencing dementia, whose activities or movements need to be traced for their own good. Whatever is the reason, we believe that you’re tracking an individual’s phone for safety purposes and have their consent. If someone tries to monitor a phone for the purpose of harassing them, they must be warned that it is a punishable crime. How Can You Track A Phone Location? There are many cost-free phone tracking applications available on the web. Not all are reliable. We’ll educate you on a couple of applications that can certainly allow you to keep track of phones by relying on the best AI technology available. Free Option: Google Maps Using Google maps is without a doubt the best way to track a person through the phone that they’re using. It will work if they have turned ON the “Share my location” option from settings of their phones. In that case, they’ll have to use Google maps to share their whereabouts to your own device. Your cellphone will have a pop up asking if you wish to share a particular location. After that, tap on “accept.” Ultimately, it’ll ask you if you’d like to share the location with them. You need to select the option “don’t share.” Pros:

  • User-friendly and uncomplicated
  • 100 % free


  • Turning ON your location would consume a lot of battery.
  • You will not be able to monitor if the target individual turns OFF the location sharing on his or her phone.

Premium Option:Spyzie

To be able to use this app you will need to sign up with Spyzie. Then you’ll need to connect the particular device you want to monitor to your account. The Spyzie application is required to be downloaded and installed in the target device. There you have it; you’re good to go! Now you can easily trace not only the particular location but also the call history or call logs, message apps, text messages, videos, images, audios and much more. The good thing is that this particular application will operate in the background of the targeted device. Therefore, they will not see any notification or icon for it. Pros:

  • Root or Jailbreak is not required for the phone.
  • Excellent features can be obtained at a cost-effective yearly membership.


  • You may need to know the password of the target device so that you can download and install the application.

There are many other online solutions that allow you to trace your kids’ activities online. Having said that, you have to be sly enough to install apps on your kids’ phone so that you can track them without letting them know.

AI Makes Device Tracking Easier than Ever

There are many benefits of using AI to keep your family safe. For better and for worse, AI allows you to track devices of your children or elderly family members to keep them out of trouble.