Here’s How Big Data Is Revolutionizing GPS Technology

how big data is revolutionizing GPS
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The first GPS technology system predates big data by around 40 years. GPS technology has evolved dramatically since big data became widely used. Big Data Week said that this was the biggest trend in technology 2018.

What is the Role of Big Data in the Future of GPS?

GPS and satellite navigations have revolutionized road trips so you won?t get lost, but road signs and certain data will always be a great help in reaching your destination quicker without losing track. Especially in times where you don?t exactly have access to GPS, or in a slightly older town that isn?t updated to conform to our digital world. It?s always a good idea to know what your options are if you can?t access any internet or ask anyone around. There are a few ways to better track locations and know your way around without asking too much, look out for the following signs to track locations and you?ll be good to go.

1. LED Shop Signs

Also known as the electronic display board, LED signs are the most visible signs out there. Shops or restaurants that want to create a sharp look usually go for such signs. They also come in many different shapes, colors and resolutions so you?d be able to see them from afar. If you?re a shop owner and you?re wondering how you can get new walk-ins in your shop, signs from companies like Humble Sign Co‘s LED signs are the most memorable signs that people usually remember a store by, so make sure you look out for them! GPS technology uses deep learning to understand the contextual meaning of these signs. It also stores large amounts of data on them.

2. Traffic Signs

There are a few signs that you need to take care of when you?re on the road. Especially the following that will help you gather many data of where you are exactly, and if there?s any sort of danger ahead! Here are the most important traffic signs to look for when you?re on the road:

  • Warning signs these signs are usually in yellow and are specifically designed to call for attention. If you catch a glimpse of a yellow sign, make sure you read or try to understand what it?s trying to describe.
  • Guide signs – they?ll literally guide you to the destination you?re planning to go to. They present route numbers, destinations, direction and distances that you?ll need to know.
  • Service & attraction signs – they tell you where you kind find a few services like food, gas or even tourist attractions!

3. L.O.S.T C.A.R.

Sometimes you?re lost to an extent that you can?t reach anyone or anything, you?re basically in the middle of nowhere! Here?s your best and quickest option out there. A source called News Wheel gathered seven main things you can should look out for while driving: ? L.O.S.T C.A.R. This tool relies excessively on data analytics to help lost travelers navigate better. Here?s what each letter stands for:

  1. Landmarks – positioning yourself can be done through marking your spot to where you weress last!
  2. Observelook around you whilst driving, concentrate on any street numbers or buildings that might sound familiar to you
  3. Sunslightly old school, but a quick tip is to know where the sun is and if you can see it. This way you?ll be able to determine whether you?re on the right track or not.
  4. Trafficlook at it that way, the more there?s traffic on the road, the more likely you?re on a main road and hence, more likely closer to where you want to be.
  5. Chartmap your route out in advance on paper! Or have a plan B to if your mobile battery dies out.
  6. Ask step out of your comfort zone for a few minutes and ask around, the people around you probably know where you are more than you do.
  7. Retrace if you were on the right track and suddenly don?t know where you are now, try to take the next U-turn and go back to the familiar road. It?s highly likely that you took a wrong exit.

Drive safe, but drive while concentrating on your surroundings. Sometimes, old school tips turn out to be much safer than the now-usual GPS system and mobile navigation. Look out for LED shop lights because you?re more likely in a place where you can start finding your way back. If you can?t find any LED lights, stay alert for traffic signs that could be beneficial. Finally, always remember the L.O.S.T.C.A.R tips as it can be beneficial for many different types of road trips out there! Make sure you drive very safely, but also make sure you?re alert with the surrounding to avoid reaching any of the previous scenarios mentioned.

Final Thoughts: GPS Evolves to Big Data

Big data is changing the future of GPS technology. It will have a huge impact on the ability to use effective geolocation tracking. We should see major advances in this area in the years to come.

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