Good UX Design Principles Must Be Predicated on Big Data

Big data technology has been highly valuable to the practice of user experience optimization.

data analytics for UX design
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Meta Description: Having a website and/or mobile app is important for your business success. That is why you have to know the good UX design principles. Continue to read this blog post for more important details.

Big data technology has transformed the web design and e-commerce professions in recent years. It is no longer possible to rely on artistic abilities or even coding skills alone. Smart web developers recognize the need to lean on analytics and AI technology to make the most of their design efforts.

Big data has been especially valuable in the field of user experience optimization.

Big Data is Vital to UX Design

Online businesses are projected to spend over $10.7 billion on website analytics technology by 2026. Demand is largely driven by the growing need for big data in user experience optimization.

The importance of data analytics in design is even more important when it comes to improving an existing website. The initial web design is going to be based on educated guesses about the ways users will respond to your content. However, you are going to have to make ongoing tweaks to your site over time.

Big data has made it a lot easier to create quality websites and improve conversions and engagement later. You will rely heavily on data analytics tools to supplement your UX design efforts.

UX design is essential for the success of your business website and mobile application. You cannot have an impactful digital platform when you fail to make this a consideration with your design. Why so? Because the experience of the users is the main concern here. You should make sure that each user of your app or site will experience greatness. The users must be happy; otherwise, they will find a new provider of content and information. This is the focus of this blog post. You will know the good UX design principles that are important for success.

You have to make sure that user experience is great. This is to increase the trust level of the potential customers with your company and brand. Having said this, the principles in UX design can be the guiding light. They will help the creators of user experience designs along the way. Remember that the users of your website or app must be served well. Their expectations have to be met. This is how you can bring your business and brand to the next level.

You must utilize big data technology in order to accomplish this. You cannot make assumptions about user preferences or attitudes. Human beings are irrational, so you can never know how they will actually respond to your design.

Fortunately, there are a lot of great data analytics that make UX optimization much easier. Some of these tools include the following:

  • Google Analytics
  • Crazy Egg
  • Spring Metrics
  • Clicky
  • Mint

Sensible web managers and developers recognize that user data must govern the decision-making process for altering their designs. Some of the ways this can be accomplished include:

  • Using Google Analytics to determine the amount of time people spend on their websites before and after making major changes to their templates.
  • Split-testing different elements with conversion data analytics tools while running PPC campaigns.
  • Evaluating engagement for different traffic sources by looking at website analytics data.

Learning the UX design principles and knowing how to leverage data analytics to support them is quite essential as far as having a great product and service is concerned. Once you know the practices to follow, of course, you will not be lost. You can follow the right path towards attaining your business goals and objectives. You will get a lot more value out of your approach if you use data analytics strategically.

Hence, it is a must to prioritize UX design principles as part of the overall strategy. It is helpful if you are knowledgeable about the guidelines and practices in UX designing. You must also be familiar with the data analytics tools that can help support your strategy.

Good UX design principles

While data analytics technology is vital to UX, you must also be familiar with the basics of UX optimization. Below are the top 5 principles in UX designing. You have to understand each of them for you to be able to get the results you ever wanted.

1. Hierarchy is a top priority.

Hierarchy is the first principle here. What is it? There are two aspects of hierarchy which you have to know. First is IA or information architecture, and second is visual hierarchy. Regarding the first one, you know that content and information are what your site users are looking for. Your website should serve as a source of solution. Thus, your biz site must be reliable. Such reliability reflects how organized and relevant the content of your site is. Organizing the content structure is vital for success.

Information architecture is essential as far as influencing the users is concerned. Your site must have a primary navigation menu that is at the top level of the said hierarchy. Organizing well all the content is necessary for your website to become relevant. You must strive hard to make sure that your website will meet the needs and demands of the users. This is the best chance for your business to go to the next level. This is how you can elevate your competitiveness level as a brand.

The second hierarchy aspect is about visuals. Visuals reflect the artistic creation, graphics, and any other visible representation inside your website structure. Visuals can certainly help the users in navigating the menu of your site. They can act as a guiding light. They serve as an instruction that directs the users on what to do next after opening a particular web page.

The arrangement of all visual elements in your business website is the main emphasis of visual hierarchy. This is very important to bring every website or app user to a certain level of satisfaction. Your business can have a great chance of getting to the next level when visual hierarchy is given utmost consideration and priority.

2. Meeting the needs is essential.

The usability aspect of your UX design must be evident. Your website should serve as the main source of helpful content and information. This is through this way where you will be able to hit competitive advantage. Throughout the design process, you have to prioritize how usable your website and app content is. People’s problems and issues must be resolved when they rely on your website information. Hence, the design of your site should be well-organized. This is how to influence the users’ decision-making process positively.

There are expectations that the users are surfacing. This is the main reason why you are obliged to conduct user research. Researching the needs and demands of the users should be the primary approach. This must be the initial stage as you go along the way towards achieving dramatic growth and success. You have to know the demands of the users in terms of the things they want to get from you. Your brand can only excel when you are able to provide what the users need.

What do you think users do? This is a typical question that aligns with good UX design principles. Asking yourself such a question is necessary for the attainment of success. But then, asking yourself what the users “might be doing” is different from what the users “are doing.” That said, there is an intense need of researching the needs of the users. This is quite important to meet their expectations and needs. Doing this can bring your brand to the top of the competition in one way or another.

3. Contextualization plays an important role.

The so-called user’s contexts should be understood well if you want your website to be appreciated and embraced by potential customers. Having said this, you need to remind yourself that it is part of the entire chain of design processes. You cannot have a great UX design when you do not know how to contextualize the users’ needs. For instance, you have to determine whether your potential web users are just at home or are mobile persons. Someone on the go is somehow different from someone who stays at home.

The time aspect, location, emotional conditions, among other things, are significant to make your website really appealing to the audience. So, you have to contextualize your UX design based on the mentioned elements. Otherwise, you cannot create a fulfilling website or app. You should consider that there is nothing you want to achieve but ultimate success. You want to attract more leads to trust the website of your company. You want your brand identity to be recognized as a provider of practical solutions.

Contextualization is about understanding the behavioral patterns of the target users. Maximizing user experience is a rule of thumb. You want to succeed in business, don’t you? So, you have to make sure that your business website can provide what the users are expecting. Failure to do this can lead to the ultimate business operation’s failure.

Of course, you want to have monetary gains along the way in a sustainable fashion. The implication is that you are willing to do everything possible just to get your business to the next level. Follow this principle. Make sure that you contextualize the UX design you are planning to create.

4. Consistency is a significant factor for success.

Do not disregard consistency because it plays a vital role in your business website success. You want to succeed, and it has to be manifested through the number of people attracted to visit and use your site. Further, there should be an increase in the number of leads to be converted into great sales and revenues. Finally, sustainability in business must be observed along the way and its indication is related to the number of repeat purchases your website can record. Did you know that all these things can be achieved through consistency?

Consistency must be part of the overall business strategy. When creating the impactful UX design, you have to ensure that it is consistent throughout the process. The used color scheme, logo image, graphics, and even textual elements should be the same from day one onwards. If there are changes to come out, they have to be revealed and explained apparently for the users to understand the reasons why such changes may take place.

Consistency is a key factor for business success. Hence, you have to prioritize this factor. The users may also expect products which are almost the same as the usual products they are using. To know the expectations of the users, you can conduct product research. Doing this will allow you to create products that are impactful to the consumers’ lives. Consumer experiences have to be great. Otherwise, your brand performance will be weak and lousy. You have to do everything possible through this way in order to bring your brand to the next level.

5. Allow user control to gain momentum.

Gaining momentum as far as providing a great user experience is concerned is significant. This is through this way where you will hit your desired goals and objectives. You need to allow the users to enjoy user control to gain momentum. On your website, the content and information are very important. You have to let the users share your brand-related content with other people. This is through this way to elevate your chance of winning the tight competition in business.
Concerning a website or app’s UX design, allowing the users to have a better experience is a must. You want your company to be recognized as a top-notch provider of practical solutions, right? You cannot realize your goals and objectives pertinent to this aspect when the users are barred from sharing with others and from engaging with other users. Every time they visit and use your website, they should not be prohibited or restricted from doing the things they like to do. Of course, it does not mean that you will give them access to your sensitive files.
Do not force your audience or users of the site to do a sure thing that is always favorable to your business. The implication is that you must always allow the users to enjoy things like a “cancel button.” It means the users should be permitted to leave your site anytime they want. This is part of freedom which is very important for gaining momentum. The truth of the matter is that you can boost the great experience of the users when you do this. Their interest in your website will dramatically rise when you are not restrictive.

Data Analytics is Crucial to the Future of UX

What should you do right now? The given UX design principles are great and helpful for you. You are going to need to know how to use data analytics to get the most value from your user experience optimization approach.

Creating a website or mobile app is one of the top ways you can consider to strengthen your online presence. It is the experience of the users which has to be prioritized. That is why you should understand the good UX design principles before you will hire a UX design company to help you in the aspect of creating a site that is user-friendly and user-focused.

The best thing you should do right now is to look for a credible digital marketing company that offers comprehensive and all-inclusive packages. There are a lot of options you can take as far as hiring a legitimate service provider is concerned. Make sure that you can get an agency that is in accordance with your budgetary requirements and technical requisites. At the end of the day, it is the success rate of your business which is at stake. Invest in this particular strategy. Hire the best agency to create a website that follows the UX rules and guidelines.

Do not let your business be left behind by your competitors. Choosing the right UX design professional is a crucial strategy. Your business website should aim to provide a great and wonderful user experience. Nothing else.

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