Olha Zhydik

Olha Zhydik is a Content Marketing Manager at ELEKS, a global custom software development company. Olha has been working in the IT industry for over 10 years, including 6 years in marketing. Thanks to her diverse experience, her writing offers a fresh perspective on how technology can help businesses not only innovatively solve problems but also gain a competitive edge. You can connect with Olha on Linkedin or Facebook.
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8 Ways Successful Online Business Leverage Big Data

Big data technology is disrupting almost every industry in the modern economy.…

Olha Zhydik Olha Zhydik 12 Min Read

How Deep Learning Technology Improves the Efficiency of Parking Management Systems

Parking Systems and The Current Crisis  The current world is undergoing a…

Olha Zhydik Olha Zhydik 11 Min Read

Smart Businesses Must Invest in Data Analytics for Higher Conversions

Small businesses are facing more challenges than ever. The recent economic crisis…

Olha Zhydik Olha Zhydik 7 Min Read

How Smart Cities Can Leverage Data Technology to Improve Air Quality

Big data has led to some very important changes in our lives.…

Olha Zhydik Olha Zhydik 8 Min Read

VPNs Are Essential Data Protection Tools for Home Offices

Data protection is becoming more important than ever. The risk of cyberattacks…

Olha Zhydik Olha Zhydik 7 Min Read

ERP Integration Benefits Data-Savvy eCommerce for Distribution Industry

Few people anticipated that big data would have such a profound impact…

Olha Zhydik Olha Zhydik 10 Min Read

AI Technology is Essential for Online Fraud Prevention

Online fraud is growing at a frightening pace. Many cybercriminals believe they…

Olha Zhydik Olha Zhydik 4 Min Read

Data Analytics Plays a Vital Role in Teacher Verification Software

Data analytics is the discipline of examining raw data to make conclusions…

Olha Zhydik Olha Zhydik 6 Min Read

Side Hustle Ideas for Experienced Data Scientists in 2022

Are you a data scientist? You might be missing out on some…

Olha Zhydik Olha Zhydik 15 Min Read

6 Metrics Data-Driven eCommerce Startups Are Prioritizing

Big data has been changing the state of business for years. More…

Olha Zhydik Olha Zhydik 8 Min Read