The Direst Security Breaches of 2017 and How Data Centers Are Responding

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Cybersecurity is becoming a tremendous concern. By 2021, security breach cost will exceed $6 trillion a year. A number of reset security breaches show these predictions may actually be too conservative.

Worst Security Breaches of 2017

Cybersecurity attacks gained a lot of exposure in 2014 after Target was penetrated. However, they have become even more common over the last couple of years, which raises serious concerns about brands’ ability to curtail them.

Here are some of the biggest security breaches that have affected data centers and other major brands in 2017.

Bell Canada

In May, a hacker reportedly stole nearly 2,000,000,000 email addresses from Bell Canada, which is the country’s largest telecommunications firm. Belle spokesman Marc Choma said the hackers demanded payment and that they would release the records if their demands are not met. They refused to comply with the demands, so the hacker subsequently released a portion of the email addresses to the public.

Many customers were forced to change their email addresses after they were compromised, due to the sensitive nature of some of the communications they stored on them.

E-Sports Entertainment Association

The day before New Year’s Eve, the E-Sport Entertainment Association (ESEA) issued a warning to their players. They stated that the site database had been compromised, but they didn’t know what if any information was stolen.

On January 8, LeakedSource discovered that over 1.5 million documents were discovered that over 1.5 million ESEA Records have been saved to their database. These records included many details about many ESEA customers. These details included names, phone numbers, zip codes, player IDs and other sensitive pieces of information.


In February, Arby’s announced that it had discovered a data breach. KrebsOnSecurity reportedly brought it to their attention. The breach was discovered in mid-January.

Arby’s initially intended to alert franchisors and the public, but the FBI advise them to withhold information while they conducted an investigation. Approximately 1000 Arby’s restaurants may have been affected. The company still doesn’t know who initiated the attack or what information was compromised. However, they estimate that about 355,000 credit card numbers may have been exposed.


In May, education platform Edmondo was the target of a dark web attacker. According to Vice, the hacker reportedly stole information from nearly 80,000,000 accounts.

“Edmodo has learned about a potential security incident,” said Mollie Carter, Edmondo VP of Marketing and Communications. “Protecting the privacy of our users is of the utmost importance to Edmodo. We take this report very seriously and we are investigating.”

Edmondo has indicated that it will take all necessary steps to bolster their security to prevent a future data breach from occurring.

How Data Centers Are Responding to the Threats

Cybersecurity risks are becoming a growing concern for cybersecurity experts and their clients around the world. Fortunately, new measures are being taken to guard against future cyberattacks. Here are some of the ways major data centers are responding.

Host.AG is a popular hosting company in Bulgaria. The company has taken a number of steps to protect its customers against the next generation of cyberattacks. Their biggest advantage is their reliance on the most sophisticated dedicated hosting solutions. Here are some of the security benefits provides with its dedicated hosting model:

  • Hosting resources are allocated more carefully, so users don’t have to worry about sharing them with potential spammers.
  • They have larger storage capacity, which makes it more difficult for attackers to launch DDoS attacks.
  • Most resources use Layer 4 security, which is FIPS-Compliant. has penetrated the market largely by offering most secure hosting solutions.

VPS Hosting

Despite major advances in cloud technology, few hosting companies rely exclusively on cloud resources for data storage. VPS Hosting is a pioneer in the cloud storage field.

They have worked hard to make their cloud environment far more secure, which has made it much more difficult for hackers to penetrate.

True Hoster

True Hoster has been around for years. They have always been committed to offering secure hosting solutions to their customers around the world.

True Hoster offers free SSL certificates and DDoS protection to all of their customers. This has made it significantly more difficult cybercriminals to steal data packets from their servers.