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Customer data and management is an important aspect of any online business. Obtaining a customer insight is crucial to business marketers and the majority of big enterprises are using big data for their business in today’s online marketing industry. IT executives harness the competence of their businesses to deliver high quality customer experience using big data.

About 78% of online marketers are using big data to grow their customer database especially to help them understand the latest marketing trends that keep their products and services relevant to their potential leads and to achieve customer retention and loyalty. A survey on different enterprises revealed that more than 50% of the respondents view big data analytics as an important marketing strategy priority of their company in the next three years.

Big data for better customer experience

Small to big enterprises acknowledge the challenge of using big data into more actionable insights in crafting a better customer experience. Obtaining data through analytics may come easy but putting the data gathered into work for your business takes the most challenging aspect of your marketing campaigns. Using data as actionable customer intelligence can empower your business by being able to deliver what your customers need, want and expect from your business.


big data

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The big data obtained from analytics may come be raw and needs further extractions in order to apply them into actionable business intelligence that will empower your business marketing strategies of engaging your customer’s retention of interest by delivering them their expectations and needs from your business. Big data analytics will involve the process of data mining and transforming abstract data into more usable data as part of your acquired customer intelligence.

Empowering your business using a big data driven customer services

Technology offers online marketers the comfort of making it easier for them to extract big data using analytics tools. Combining big data analytics with search engine optimization to promote the search rank of your business can easily make your business more accessible to your potential customers. The greater challenge now is how to develop your digital marketing structure in such as way that you can deliver better customer experience.


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Here are some useful big data marketing strategies that your company may pursue to promote better customer experience:

1.       Tune up your big data using analytic tools

Your years of being in business already provided you with data that you can use to start understanding your customer behaviour and preferences but you can appreciate them better using analytic tools. The tools can help optimize the quality of data to use for better understanding of customer behavior and response to your business. Making your business highly responsive to your customer’s needs entail real time data analytics and management. By acquiring the following aggregate customer data will help you optimize your ability to make your online marketing strategies more responsive in real time:

  • Customer geographical data

Using the customer geographical data will enable you to consolidate your target marketing sales by regions and according to your customers’ cultural background. You can view your customer’s physical location and track down data that can influence their buying behaviour and preferences about products based on their geographical background. Interpreting the data will help you target specific marketing strategy on how to deliver better customer experience by satisfying their geographical needs and circumstances.

  • Customer interaction behaviour

This data can provide an insight on how your customer interacts with your products. You can view the number of clicks on specific web page elements of your website where your customers tend to engage better. Use this data in order make your business deliver better customer navigational experience on your web page design for instance.

  • Transactional behaviour

You can build your business to become customer centric by assessing its ability to provide an engaging transactional behaviour from your customers. Is your web design engaging enough to your customers? Perhaps your web page element may be loading too long causing your customers to leave your website. Perhaps your shopping cart isn’t convenient to use which prevent the completion of your customer order to finish the check out process.

  • Recency of customer visits

The analytic tool will give you insights about the number of times your customer visits your web page or specific product pages on your site. You can gauge from this data how you are able to provide your customers a satisfying experience when visiting your site that gives them good reasons for a repeated visit.

  • Customer social attributes


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The social attributes of your customers is important if you want to deliver them highly satisfying experience for your business. Big data can give valuable information regarding the social interactions of your customers and what their shopping preferences are and the kind of products that they regularly need. Social media users like to share or tweet their own personal comments and ideas from which you can track down and highlight those that you can use to help you improve your business services to provide them an excellent customer experience when using your products or services.

  • Lead conversion for every product and category of interests

Just as you want to make profits to your business, using big data to develop a customer-focused marketing strategy will require the integration of big data to your lead generation strategies. By covering the tracks of your visitor’s interaction to your product category is a great way to pulse their interest about a particular product and review their engagements to it such as reviewing the length of their stay to a particular product page category, their clicks and other navigational activities that will indicate their interests. By pursuing to offer products that are within the areas of interest of your target leads it is easier to convince them to convert.

2.       Big data management and organization

Big data can be overwhelming making it crucial for your organization to learn how to manage them and apply a good concept on how to understand its significance in delivering your customers better services and satisfaction.

  • Align your big data gathering to your marketing goals to implement initiatives directed towards a particular marketing strategy such as aiming for the acquisition of new customers, improving customer loyalty, increasing conversion rates and building the lifetime customer value of your business. This will keep you focused on which data to use that will be relevant to a particular marketing goal that you want to achieve for your business.
  • If your organization is big, it is essential to sell the concept of the customer service value of your business to your team to foster an environment where each member is focused in extracting data that will be relevant to your marketing goals of improving customer experience to your business.
  • As your business grows, the big data acquired also grows and to be effective in managing big data you will need a team of experts to help interpret and undertake a more efficient big data analysis. This may include a team of It experts, web developers, search engine optimization professionals and online marketing strategists.

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