Deep Learning Is Creating A Competitive Edge For Social Traders

deep learning and social traders
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Description: Just like cryptocurrencies took the world by storm, social trading is making strides in becoming the hot trend in the world of trading.

Is Social Trading the Next Big Thing?

Deep learning algorithms have played a very important role in the evolution of social media. There are a number of other applications for these algorithms. They are creating more collaborative and insightful opportunities to make money for investors as well. A new era of social trading could create tremendous opportunities for investors across the world.

Big Data is Creating New Opportunities for Social Traders

Getting into the trading scene for beginners is no easy feat. Most newbies have very little clue what they’re doing and decide to give up before they’ve even begun. However, nowadays, with the help of the Internet, getting into trading has never been easier, and now with the introduction of social trading cutting your teeth as a trader could be easier than ever before.

What Is Social Trading?

We all know the concept of social media as Facebook, Twitter and co., for better or worse, have become entrenched in our daily lives. They let us connect with the billions around the globe and help to expose people to the different cultures not known to us. Social trading works on the same concept, except specifically for trading. People making use of platforms like City Index to conduct CFD trading, crypto trading and any other sorts now have a place to connect and share tips. However, the biggest draw to social trading is its copy function, which allows experienced, successful traders to give open access to the trades they make enabling beginners to copy them, trade for trade.


How is Deep Learning Aiding Social Trading?

Social trading algorithms are not static. Developers recognize the limitations of their algorithms, largely due to assumptions they make about the needs of their trading clients. Here are some ways that deep learning algorithms help:

  • Identifying trading patterns
  • Making forecasts of future prices based on big data models
  • Evaluating the relationship between different social media platforms and trading opportunities

Deep learning models were developed with social platforms in mind. They can easily be customized to improve social trading as well.

What Does This Mean?

This function means the landscape of amateur trading could become vastly different. Getting into trading and maintaining a healthy portfolio is often difficult for various reasons, and social trading now looks set to eliminate many of these hindrances.

People tend to stick with what they know, not only in daily life but in trading also. Those from the US will find it much less intimidating getting into trading if they make trades in US markets. However, with social trading we can now copy traders of different nationalities and trading preferences, exposing us to whole new markets and opportunities. A trader sitting in Denmark can now look into prospects in the South American trading markets that he/she would never have imagined possible, or perhaps traders that have always been curious about cryptocurrencies will be able to copy experienced crypto traders.


Many also don’t have enough hours in the day to master the art of trading, as much as they would like to. Getting to really learn the trading ropes takes experience, which can only be gained by the hours you put in. Social trading will allow for people to continue dedicating their time where it is most needed but allow them to spend a few minutes at a time copying the trades of their more experienced counterparts who have done all the timeous research for them. Experienced traders also often have their homes kitted out with all the latest computer hardware for analyzing markets, which can become quite expensive. This effort won’t be necessary for those making use of the social trading copy function.

Lastly the intimidation factor will be negated, as people will be far more willing to bet their money if it comes with credible recommendations and proof of success.

So, Is Social Trading The Next Big Thing? How Is Deep Learning Playing A Role?

It certainly has all the ingredients to stake a claim. We are always looking for ways to invest money and get higher returns where we can. If we can now invest our money using the research of proven, successful traders then it can only be seen as a logical step people will follow.


Deep learning is changing the future of social trading, since it has already changed stock investing. It could be the reason that social trading becomes the next major approach to investing.


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