CNC Machining Finds Innovative Ways To Leverage Artificial Intelligence

AI in CNC machining
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Artificial intelligence is playing an invaluable role in manufacturing. According to CIO, the manufacturing industry is ultimately the main driving force behind AI advances.

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, which is a technology that uses artificial intelligence and sophisticated computers to control the movement of machines. This technology has been around for decades but it?s in the last couple of years that it?s getting much more popular. Advances in big data have played a key role in driving its demand.

Artificial Intelligence Spurs CNC Machining Advances

The number 1 reason for that is that artificial intelligence is becoming more sophisticated. AI and other big data tools make CNC machining processes much more precise and way faster than they were in the past.

Khashayar Danesh Narooei of the University of Sistan and Baluchestan has talked about some of the biggest benefits of artificial intelligence in CNC machining. He laid out some of the reasons that the field is evolving as AI becomes more prominent.

Speaking of the past, the history of Computer Numerical Control machining stretches all the way to WWII when this technology was born in the United States. In the beginning, the machines used for these processes were vertical millers and lathe centers, but lately, 3D printers have started to take over.

Today, CNC machining is a technology capable of producing large quantities of items according to the instructions written via some kind of a CAD (Computer Aided Design) program. Thanks to that fact, the uses of this technology are almost limitless. And it seems that they?re going to get even wider in the near future. Artificial intelligence is going to play a role in driving the advances.

Still, there are some industries that are almost completely reliant on CNC machines, including the following:

  • High-tech ? These machines are used for making circuit boards of all sizes, including those microscopic ones. Actually, in order to create a circuit board of a really small size, CNC machining seems like the only suitable solution.
  • Military ? Apart from being used to make sophisticated chips for smart weaponry, these machines are also used for making parts of firearms. We?re talking about things like barrels, triggers, gun plates, and so on.
  • Agriculture ? This technology is crucial when it comes to manufacturing certain tools and machine parts necessary in the agriculture industry.
  • Auto industry ? CNC machining is used for making vehicle parts like shafts, brakes, gears, and all the other items that require precision work during construction.

Reasons Why CNC Machining Is Bound to Get Much Bigger in Future

This sort of technology is expected to rise exponentially in the upcoming years and the number of industries in which CNC machining is going to become crucial is going increase by many times. The reasons are numerous, starting with the fact that the number of companies offering CNC machining service is getting bigger by the day.

Other reasons why this technology is guaranteed to get much bigger include the following:

  • High production ? The machines that use this technology are capable of doing a stunningly large volume of work in a much shorter time frame than other types of machines.
  • Precision ? Because computers take care of all the work, there?s no room for human error. And that means that the prototypes created will look exactly as they looked in the CAD file.
  • Reliability ? The machines used for these processes are already very reliable. And as the interest for this technology grows, the companies are likely to invest in better equipment, which, in turn, will make CNC machines even more reliable.

The final reason why this technology is going to take over the world is the price. The thing is that there are many companies overseas, particularly in China, which offer CNC machining services at really affordable rates.

Artificial Intelligence is the Key to New CNC Solutions

CNC machining has been around for decades, but its applications were limited before the advent of AI. New neural networks and other artificial intelligence technology is playing a very important role in making CNC tools more effective than ever.

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