Big Data Technology Creates Seismic Changes In Online Gaming

big data and gaming industry
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Nobody is denying the fact that the online gaming industry has grown exponentially over the years. One of the major reasons why people keep coming back to these platforms is the big technology that powers the gaming industry, making their offerings highly enjoyable and secure. CIO reports that big data has helped the gaming industry increase its revenue to $40.6 billion.

How Is Big Data Transforming Digital Gaming?

In fact, online games were among the first few games to be played on the Internet and millions of people around the world continue to enjoy them even today. The industry is also on the forefront of technological innovations, targeted mainly at improving the gaming experience and security of these portals.

Today, you can easily place your bets at some of the top-rated online gaming platforms, such as Mr Green, without having to worry even a bit about the security and safety of such platforms. Let’s now tell you about some of the ways that big data is changing up the online gaming platforms.

Big Data Leads to the Birth of Mobile gaming tech

The total number of mobile users in the world are expected to cross 4.68 billion by 2020. Mobile devices of today have come a long way from when they were introduced couple of decades ago. Big data has made this possible.


Today, these platforms are revolutionizing multiple new-age industries such as the Big Data industry and more, largely due to developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Online gaming industry saw the growing penetration of mobile phones coming and quickly adapted to meet the huge demand.

Many providers quickly made their websites mobile compatible with big data technology, enabling their games to be accessed from anywhere at any time. Many platforms made their games available both through mobile browsers as well as mobile apps, a feat that was not possible before the birth of big data. The mobile gaming technology continues to grow and evolve with each passing month, ensuring that the gamblers enjoy seamless gaming action wherever they go.

VR tech

The adoption of VR technology is another example of how online games have been quick to catch up with the emerging trends. Virtual reality has taken the entertainment world by storm and online  games like Gonzo’s Quest, Jack and the Beanstalk etc. continue to spearhead this revolution too! Big Data Made Simple wrote a great article on the applications of big data in virtual reality technology.

The VR technology also promises to alter the appearance and experience of online gaming platforms in the future. Keeping in mind the market demand, VR is making a whole new push towards social gaming now. The online gaming platforms of the future will be even more close to the real deal, where you can put on a headset and walk into an almost-actual game-like environment, actively engaging with people in and outside of your social circle.


Game design and security

The nature of business conducted by online gaming platforms is such that they cannot do without the best security technologies to safeguard their own and their players’ interests. Top-notch security is also essential to gain the trust of the players, especially for the new casino platforms who don’t have a land-based presence. The online gambling industry implements some of the most dependable online security technologies, which are constantly updated to maintain the safety of the customer data, protecting it from all kinds of malicious entities.

These online gaming establishments are also very quick in implementing the latest in game design technologies. Majority of them use realistic graphics high-quality animations and excellent audio to ensure that the gaming experience is nothing short of amazing for the players.

On the whole, online gaming platforms have been using all kinds of advanced technology to not just keep this industry thriving, but to distinguish themselves in a highly competitive sector.


Big Data Has a Profound Impact on Online Gaming

The field of big data is changing the direction of online gaming. The industry is using big data to offer better products and reach a broader demographic than ever.


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