Big Data Proliferates The Online Gaming Industry In A Surprising Way

big data online gaming industry
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The data analytics industry has its eyes on the digital gaming industry. The market is huge. STATS, a leading innovator in big data solutions, has recently partnered with a number of digital gaming sites to offer cutting-edge solutions.

Big Data is Changing the Online Gaming Industry in Numerous Ways

Jordan Bailey recently wrote an insightful article on Medium about the role of big data in the digital gaming industry. He pointed out that experts are using new models with Python and MatPlotLib to solve countless challenges in this evolving industry.

New technologies have allowed online slot games to change the industry in impressive ways and now big data developers are able to produce some outstanding slot games. They just get better year after year.

As new software is introduced, new features can be added to online slots and also expand current features. These solutions can be altered and improved in order to offer a more exciting and enjoyable gaming experience to players. If a customer is having fun playing slots, then the likelihood is higher that they will come back for more fun. This helps gaming providers analyse the importance of new technologies and developers including the latest technologies in their slot games.

The Effect of Evolving Software

There is a huge domino effect that takes place in the gambling industry when new big data technologies are introduced. When new software is released to the market and added to gaming sites that offer slot games. Here is the effect explained. If a software developer adds new features to a new slot site, new slot games are added that have unseen bonuses and new moving visuals that bring the game to life, then this will add more value to the gaming site. It will in turn increase the popularity of the gaming and encourage more players to join.

This will increase the size of the gambling market. A perfect example of when this has happened is when slot sites became mobile optimized. Now that customers can play slot games from their mobile devices, it is more convenient for them to play and access.

Therefore, more customers are playing these games from their mobile device and new customers are starting to register through their mobile device. The mobile market is now a huge chunk of the gambling industry and has brought so many new players to the industry who might not necessarily play at a traditional gaming site.

The only issue that you would associate with the gaming sites evolving with new technologies, is that it means older and dated slots get left behind. Classical slots do not include the latest technologies and sometimes they cannot be improved due to the layout and theme of the slot. Therefore, they can get left behind as customers are always chasing that latest and new slot game ideas and features. This is a shame, as classic and dated slot games that used to be popular, end up getting lost and left behind, almost forgotten.

Gaming Software Providers

There is a huge list of excellent online gaming software providers who understand the importance of big data technologies and also the competitive advantage it can give them as a business if they use new technologies and evolving software in their games. We have found what we consider to be some of the best and most popular software developers, who are also perfect examples of innovators and developers that evolve the gaming industry.


Microgaming is usually the first developer that comes to mind when gaming software providers are mentioned. They are one of the market leaders and are capable of huge things. Microgaming set the standard for a lot of other providers and are a prime example of a developer that bring in the latest technologies and include them in their online games, in order to add fresh air and excitement to their content, to attract new and loyal players.

Microgaming was one of the first developers to open up their own online gaming platform, which means they set the standard for others. Other gaming providers look up to Microgaming and try to replicate some of the work that they do. Microgaming has a range of slot games, from old classic slots to newer slot games that have these new technologies included within them, that have helped the industry and gaming sites to evolve.

Examples of content that Microgaming has produced that has helped evolve gaming sites include: Thunderstruck ll, Mega Moolah, Immortal Romance. These are examples of popular slot games that have improved the competitiveness of the market and helped gaming sites evolve, as they attract a mass audience and many customers want to log into their gaming account to play these exact slot games.

Popular gaming sites that use Microgaming software, that you could already be an existing customer at or possibly have heard of are: Bet365, Paddy Power, William Hill Vegas, Betway features a game that has been produced by Microgaming. These are the ones that are attracting the most popularity and have marketed the Microgaming software that has evolved the acting the most popularity and have marketed the Microgaming software that has evolved the gaming site industry.


Another massively popular online gaming software is Netent, which is short for Net Entertainment. They are very competitive and are similar to Microgaming, in the sense that they have a huge gaming library that covers a mass number of themes and categories. Netent adapt their games constantly and are always releasing new content that other developers aren?t doing. They are also trend setters in the gaming site market. They adapt to new technologies and are one of the first to introduce new ideas to their games. Whether it be a new type of bonus feature, a new style of spinning, a new type of pay line or new graphic features that rely on big data, Netent is one of the first to include it.

Net Entertainment and their platform is included in nearly all online gaming platforms. They are one of the first developers, because their work attracts a mass number of players and customers are logging into their account to access Netent specific games. Examples of gaming platforms that include Net Entertainment software are: Betfair, Paddy Power, BetVictor, William Hill, Ladbrokes and many new gaming startups that are entering the market every year.


The final example of a slot developer that introduces the latest big data technologies for online gaming software is Playtech. Playtech is a huge organization that is possibly one of the most popular in the United Kingdom. They do not just produce slot games, but they also create table games, card games and live dealer games, such as video poker.

Playtech is excellent at creating popular themed slots. For example, they have created slot games that are based upon Marvel Superheroes. They know that this is going to attract a mass number of customers due to the popularity of Marvel films. Ideas like this help gaming sites to evolve, as new players are registering to play these types of games and get enjoyment out of online gaming, with the added bonus of being able to win money.

Therefore, as well as including the latest technologies in slot features, they also create popular new themes and gameplays for their content, that will attract new customers and expand the popularity of the market. Other software developers may then latch onto these ideas and try to create their own similar versions, which is all part of the process of evolution for the digital gaming industry.

Examples of massively popular digital gaming platforms that are using Playtech software and are attracting a mass number of customers through doing so, are: Bet365, BetVictor, William Hill, Coral, Betfair. Here are some of the popular games that Playtech have produced. You will recognise some of the titles due to them being based on popular films and programmes, which is a niche area that Playtech execute and produce popularity for: Incredible Hulk, The Avengers, X-Men, Thor, Fantastic Four, Rocky, Roulette Pro.

The Gaming Site Industry

The digital gaming industry relies heavily on big data and incorporates new ideas to help the industry evolve. The need for urgency and convenience inspires software and big data developers to give customers better solutions all the time.

The market has now shifted so that it is predominantly mobile based on new data technology, which has only started playing a vital role in recent years.   Customers are now accessing their favorite games via mobile devices, whether it be smartphones or tablets, as opposed to computers or land-based establishments. The gaming site industry has evolved due to big data. You can access slot games anywhere, because developers have mobile optimized their content.

Now that the gaming market and gaming sites are more accessible and have new data technology embedded into their platforms, the popularity for digital gaming is rising. There is so much variety in digital games. It is not the case that the only game you can play is a fruit machine, there are now so many different features, bonuses and also themes that are included in games, which improve these platforms and encourage new players in, again, making the industry evolve. There is more enjoyment in the market thanks to new software being added.

Online Gaming is Undergoing Numerous Changes

The digital gaming industry is relying heavily on big data to develop better products and cut costs. The ROI of the growing online gaming industry should rise as more gaming providers turn to innovative predictive analytics solutions.