Big Data Creates 4 Massive Benefits Of Automated Log Management

log management with big data
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Automated log management has led to the proliferation of big data. Some of the changes that it has created help illustrate both the positive and negative implications of big data in general.

Big data is a double-edged sword for countless businesses. It is creating a number of great opportunities for them, as they are using big data technology to boost efficiency, minimize employee turnover, get a better understanding of their customers and solve other challenges. Businesses spent an estimated $187 billion on big data last year.

On the other hand, big data has created some challenges as well. The biggest issue that businesses face is figuring out how to manage all of the data on hand.

Yuvrajsinh Vaghela, an author with Dataversity, has talked about the biggest big data challenges companies face. Vaghela pointed out that only 37% of companies using big data have done so successfully.


Automated Log Management Contributes to This Challenge

Every day, IT systems collect and keep vast amounts of information in the shape of logs. Logs contain important data for analyzing the efficiency, strengths, and security of systems and businesses. But there is a big problem with logs. There’s just too much information to decipher.

Since so much of the log information is critical, and there is so much of it, it can be very difficult to interpret. Information isn’t much use if no one is looking at it.

Which is where automated log management systems come into play. With automated log management, you can quickly spot the crucial pieces of information you need to keep systems running smoothly. There are major benefits to using automated log management tools. Here are just a few of them.

1. Log Management Quickly and Automatically Solves Problems

Log management tools have the advantage of automatically solving certain problems, such as closing down systems, blocking an IP address, preventing anyone using a USB storage system, or even completely shutting down a PC. You have more power when you have access to these automated problem-solving tools. The automation also ensures a swift reaction to any threat, whenever a problem may occur.


2. Automated Log Management Connects Your Organisation

Prevent a dangerous “silo view” model by using automated log management to connect different systems. With automated log viewing, you can solve problems more efficiently without having to increase the amount of staff working on IT problem-solving. You gain a streamlined communication system that allows users to work effectively and react swiftly to any cybersecurity issues that arise. 

3. Log Management Helps Track Employee Actions

If many people access your IT systems, you are always at risk of a data breach or theft of data. By using log management systems and sending out alerts, you can swiftly find out which data are missing from where. Log management tools are invaluable for helping IT departments or law enforcement departments to find anyone who has been acting in an unlawful manner. Without automated tools, it is difficult to locate this information in a timely manner.

4. Log Management is Simply Better, Automated

The problem with logs, as we mentioned above, is that a red flag is not particularly useful if no one sees it. Log reviews are fine when they take place on a regular basis, but it is near impossible to review all of your system logs manually. And when you are relying on a manual review of logs, you risk missing malicious attacks, or spotting them too late. Automated log review systems look after that task and provide you with the peace of mind that you’re never missing anything. And once you have mastered the automatic monitoring of logs, you can use the data to inform your forward-facing strategies that allow you to anticipate problems even before they occur.

Log management tools provide many different benefits. Cut down the risk of catastrophic problems by using an automated system for your monitoring and viewing needs.


Automated Log Management Is Great for Big Data, As Long As it is Managed Properly

There are a lot of benefits of big data with automated log management. However, organizations relying on it need to make sure they understand the administrative measures they need to take.

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