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The Keyword Tree – Spotfire, Data Visualization and Text Mining

Lately, I am getting very interested in data visualization and text mining.…

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What’s behind your Tree?

Considering the number of target customer selection projects I do, Direct Mails…

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Means and Proportions with two populations

Statistical inference about means and proportions with two populations seems to be…

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Analytics: Reality and the Growing Interest

This is a guest post by Bhupendra Khanal, CEO of InRev Systems.…

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A Tale Of Two Banks

I have bank accounts at ICICI & Citibank (India). I also use…

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Workforce Analytics

When I was actively working in the Marketing Research domain, I designed…

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Dilbert on Data Mining

The other (lighter?) side of Data Mining :-)

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Software Dependence & Model Accuracy

I work a lot with the Data Mining/Analytics business development team at…

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Two Step Cluster – Customer Segmentation in Telecom

I love Cluster Analysis because unlike a lot of other techniques, I…

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The Stakeholders

According to the Encarta dictionary a stakeholder is a person or group…

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