Ritesh Mehta

Ritesh Mehta works as a senior Technical Account Manager in a software development company named TatvaSoft Australia based in Melbourne. He specializes in Agile Scrum methodology, Marketing Ops (MRM) application development, SAAS & SOA application development, Offshore & Vendor team management. Also, he is knowledgeable and well-experienced in conducting Big Data analytics, business analysis, product development, team management and client relationship management.
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Big Data Gets Bigger with the iPhone and Apple Watch in Healthcare Industry

Apple and IBM reached a new agreement of using big data analytics…

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IoT has Changed the Face of Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is impacted by the emergence of the Internet of…

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The Hospitality Industry Benefits From the Emergence of Big Data

When it comes to adopting technology as well as evolution driven by…

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The Future of Healthcare and Big Pharma is in Big Data Analytics

The healthcare industry recognizes that Big Data as and opportunity and a…

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