Business Intelligence

Seeing Around Corners: How Data Can Help

DarrylMcDonald - March 25, 2009

Computer scientist Alan Kay once said that “the best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Kay did: he helped invent the windowing user interface…

Business Intelligence

PARTNERS 2009: Accelerating Insight

DarrylMcDonald - March 5, 2009

Every year, our annual Teradata PARTNERS gathering brings together the sharpest minds in data warehousing and enterprise analytics. For five days, users get one of the best educational…

Business Intelligence

Your customers’ pockets – Thoughts for those who sell things…

DarrylMcDonald - February 19, 2009

Obviously your company is in business to earn more of the money that’s in your customers’ pockets. But did you realize one of the best ways to…

Business Intelligence

On TARP, Transparency and Technology

DarrylMcDonald - January 29, 2009

Where has the taxpayers' money gone?With a standing-room-only crowd of Teradata colleagues, I watched President Obama’s inauguration with great interest.  The room was full of expectation for…

Business Intelligence

It’s Magic

DarrylMcDonald - January 15, 2009

With the start of the new year came Gartner’s 2008 “Magic Quadrant (MQ) for Data Warehouse Database Management Systems (DBMS)”, following the recent “Gartner Server Evaluation Model…

Business Intelligence

Ahead of the Pack

DarrylMcDonald - December 10, 2008

Well, it looks like innovation is the main positive and hopeful business topic for year-end 2008. Industry and academic heavyweights are giving speeches and publishing articles, calling…

Business Intelligence

Seeing Is Believing

DarrylMcDonald - November 24, 2008

As Teradata’s CMO, I realize I can probably wrap my arms around the technical aspects of data warehousing (DW) more easily than CMOs in other industries. After…

Business Intelligence

Using Analytics in Tough Times: Quiet action starts the fight against “doom and gloom”

DarrylMcDonald - November 4, 2008

Now, I can't make any promises and wouldn't dream of offering any forecasts. But behind all those gloom-and-doom headlines and talk show rants, there's another set of…

Business Intelligence

Spotlight on Innovation

DarrylMcDonald - October 14, 2008

Innovation is a hot topic these days.  That’s a good thing since it’s hard for many companies to continue to innovate in the midst of a difficult…

Business Intelligence

It’s PARTNERS Time …World’s Largest Data Warehousing and Analytics Conference

DarrylMcDonald - October 14, 2008

Well, our annual Teradata PARTNERS is here, coming just after Teradata marks its one-year anniversary as an independent company.  It has been such a great year and…