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Three Use Cases for Splunk

The greatest source of potential use cases for technology is the user…

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Hackers and Honeypots: Getting Things Done

It’s always been fashionable in the cybersecurity industry to throw up our…

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Innovation and Robotics: The Uncanny Valley of Death

The Jetsons premiered almost 50 years ago, but where’s Rosey?

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A Million Monkeys Demonstrate the Power of Hadoop

There are many great use cases for Apache Hadoop, the open source…

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Does Apple Need Ten Years of Trustworthy Computing?

Researchers at Kapersky Lab recently concluded that Apple is an entire decade…

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CISPA Passes in the House, 3D Modelling of DoD Networks, and More

Today’s federal cybersecurity and information technology news round-up:

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Cybersecurity Gaps Across Government, New Monitoring Tool, and More

This month, the Department of Energy, in working with the

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Big Data Showcase: Advanced Analytics

Aside from keynotes and panels from federal and industry leaders in information…

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The Emerging Role of the Chief Data Officer and Data Scientist

One of the most innovative topics at Carahsoft’s Government Big Data Forum…

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