5 Essential Cybersecurity Tips For Data Centric Businesses In 2021

In 2021 and beyond, cybersecurity tips for data centric businesses will be more important than ever. Try these tips, like implementing strong security policies and using two-factor authentification, to keep your data safer.

cybersecurity tips for data centric businesses
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Businesses in 2021 need to take a more data-driven approach than ever before. This entails utilizing big data for marketing, optimizing finances and addressing countless other purposes.

However, big data has also created some concerns for many businesses. Their internal data could be exposed. If customer data is exposed during a data breach, then they could face a very expensive crisis. SaaS companies are especially vulnerable.

Data-driven companies need to understand cybersecurity in detail. The details and tips listed below should be understood by every company with a strong emphasis on big data.

The Role of Cybersecurity is Strongly Correlated with the Growth of Big Data

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about cybersecurity over the years, the threat of data breaches is still relevant, and any business size is vulnerable. Gone are the days when only government agencies and large corporations were victims of a data breach. There are growing threats that businesses need to be aware of, many of which take place within their own walls.


They have sadly become more common with the growth of big data. This is going to only become more of an issue, as hackers recognize the value of purloining the growing amount of data from unsuspecting companies.

A 2019 report by Verizon found that 43 percent of reported breaches were against small businesses, and 52 percent were hacking. Not only that, but almost three-quarters of the attacks came from outside perpetrators.

It’s time to up our cybersecurity and keep crucial data relevant to businesses and their clients protected. Use the following five tips to help you stay secure.

Secure Access Service Edge

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) – a new approach to network security that can revolutionize how we keep our data, resources, and networks organized and secured. The main issue for some businesses is how segmented their networks and cybersecurity are due to various options available from multiple companies.


SASE is a cloud-based software that virtually merges everything into a single secured network. Instead of using various tools to keep your security strong, this software brings everything together to make it more manageable.

Implement Cybersecurity Policies

Every business should have clear cybersecurity policies, even if the company only has one person. These policies help keep sensitive data related to the business and any clients private and secure to help reduce the risk of information getting into the wrong hands.

Your cybersecurity policies should clearly state what information is confidential versus what is okay to be shared outside the company. The policies should also touch on devices used at work, what can get taken home, and appropriate usage with the device.

Keep Everyone Trained and Informed

Even though over half of the data breaches found in the Verizon report were from outside perpetrators, many data breaches also come from internal factors and human error. With proper training and protocols in place, it can help avoid these security threats. Ensure that everyone involved in your business is trained and informed in your network and cybersecurity protocols.


Install Firewall Protection

A firewall is a frontline-type of defence for your cybersecurity. It can prevent an attack, hack, or virus from entering your network before realizing what is going on. However, your firewall also needs to be updated regularly to ensure and holes in your security rea patched.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Passwords can only do so much, especially if it’s an easily guessed password. If you have someone who writes down all their passwords, that adds another potential pathway for someone to hack your systems.

Multi-factor authentication is an extra security step on top o a password. It could be a second password, a fingerprint or facial recognition, or an access card of chip the employee must enter. Whatever it may be, it provides an additional level of security that is crucial for sensitive information.


Cybersecurity is a Major Concern Among Big Data Companies

Start implementing the above five tips to your network and cybersecurity program for your company. It’s better to be overprotected, and nothing happen, than having to react to a severe data breach situation.


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