The Social Employee Manifesto

May 28, 2010

201005280936.jpg  Traditional relationships, roles and leadership models are being challenged every day in our post industrial, social web enabled, information driven, people centric business world. Old approaches to managing employees, with their roots in the industrial society are not adequate for hyper-connected, socially aware employees. We need a new paradigm for getting things done and for empowering a new breed of employee that does not function well in a hierarchal, top down, highly controlled environment.

So what does the social employee need to be successful? Here’s a list of some things I think need to be considered in building a new and more productive work model:

  • Social employees look for coaches and mentors not “bosses”
  • Empowerment to take on business problems without micromanaging but within established guidelines.
  • Social web policies and training.
  • Freedom to choose hardware like mobile devices, laptops, etc. that fits their individual work style.
  • Continuous access to the social web.
  • The freedom and ability to form ad hoc workgroups as needed to address business issues and problems.
  • People centric enterprise systems that are