Using Social Monitoring to uncover the Analytics of Geolocation –

May 8, 2010

Geolocation and mobile computing are trends that are now in the mainstream so it’s about time to examine what kind of analytics we can get and what we can do with it.

Note – I wrote this post first for for Web Analytics RockStars blog where it appeared this week; it also appeared on, my web analytics and social media monitoring blog.   As a result of the IQ Workforce post I am thinking of an A/B test for a case study comparing gifting to people in Social Media vs. Random customers.

For one thing, Geolocation and Foursquare can be your best friend, especially if your business is brick and mortar, like a restaurant or even a hardware store (though, besides Home Depot, there aren’t that many hardware stores that are fun to hang around in).

Take Havana Central, a New York Cuban Restaurant chain who is a client of mine and who aspires to be the Roger Smith Hotel of local restaurants here. Through my blog I have become known to many in the Social Monitoring sector and have access to many of the best platforms, tools and agencies of choice to work with. One of the tools I use often is Radian6, a Social Monitoring