Implementing Enterprise 2.0 at Océ Part Three: Change Management

April 30, 2010

This is part three in a multi-part series on how Océ is implementing Enterprise 2.0 within their organization. Part one covered the business drivers of Enterprise 2.0, and part two covered making the push for Enterprise 2.0

Today I will cover how Océ dealt with change management issues.

Océ was faced with how to deal with the current company culture.  Traditionally, employees were not encouraged to ask questions or be open about personal doubts and ideas.  Employees were oftentimes perceived as being weak if they had doubts about something and as a result, they refrained from asking questions or challenging ideas.  This was a difficult challenge to overcome and I commend Samuel and Jan for being so open and honest about this.  They overcame this culture of closed communication by leading by example.  This meant a few things; the first is that Samuel and Jan had to show their peers that other organizations have successfully adopted an open culture of sharing ideas and expressing doubts and uncertainties.  The second is that Samuel and Jan had to “walk the talk” so to speak and lead by example.  They had to ask questions and openly