The ATI’s Radeon HD 5970 is a Supercomputer in your desktop

March 27, 2010

The Radeon HD 5970 is the fastest single card graphics solution – but it is also a powerful supercomputer!

Bright Side of News recently wrote an article reporting on ElcomSoft’s GPU computing attempts.  They used various GPUs to hack WPA-PSK passwords.  Check out the results here.   ElcomSoft leverages the immense computing power of latest generation graphics cards.  Cards such as ATI’s Radeon HD 5970, and nVidia’s GTX 295.  The HD 5970 is ATI’s latest offering, it has 2 GPUs, with 3200 stream processing units, and 2 GB of DDR5 RAM.  Stream processors are a form of parallel processors that are optimized for I/O intense operations.  This GPU is basically an incredibly powerful computing device inside the computer traditionally optimized for video processing.  However, nVidia uses  a process called “CUDA”, and ATI one called “Stream” to utilize the GPUs as parallel processing chips.   These processes enable incredibly powerful and capable parallel processing from GPUs.

CUDA and ATI Stream are valued  by crytopgraphers, developers, and programmers as supercomputers.  They have found these to be (relatively)