Predictive Analytics and Politics – Part 1

March 17, 2010
One of the most interesting applications of Data/Text Mining and Information Extraction is Politics. I started collecting information from various blogs, websites and forums and applying Information Extraction and Data/Text Mining techniques to extract potentially useful knowledge in this area. By combining different pieces of information one could come up with trends that may tell us what lies ahead of us.

The latest developments in Greece are more or less known to most of people that read International News. The situation is difficult and the voice of citizens in various blogs and forums could give us the sentiment of Greek Web Users. For example :
  • Which are the most frequently occurring words?
  • Which are the most frequently occurring thoughts?
  • What are the things that have to be changed by Greek politicians?
To answer these questions i have started collecting information found on the top 120 Greek blogs, the OpenGov website (a state-run website where Greek citizens express their opinions) and a couple more Greek sites